1 - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

1 - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

..... 1 day to go!

Well, there is only one day left before the Big Day!!

All of your labours about to be realized and the fun will begin. We very much appreciate your having participated in our Advent Calender count down .... and we have a little thank you!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

As a little thank you for taking part in our Advent calender we would like to give you this Christmas medal. It represents your being a participating member of this wiki throughout this Christmas season.

Click on the medal and save to your computer ... then put it on your profile so others may see and be aware of your participation to this wiki.

Christmas Advent Calender Participation Medal. Given to a member who has taken part in the Advent Calender pages throughout the Christmas season 2011.

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