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Creation of Adam crop Italy in 1494 Rome, Nuremberg Chronicle 1493
Timeline of Renaissance Italy
Follow the timeline of important political changes and artistic developments in Italy
1380 - 1530
The Italian City-States
Learn about the duchies, principalities, and powerful city-states that made up what we now know as Italy
The Papal States
Central Italy consisted of several ports, fortresses and cities owing allegiance and tribute to the Pope at Rome

The Gonzaga Family Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa" Inner Courtyard of Ducal Palace, Urbino
Powerful Families of Renaissance Italy
The borders of 1492 Italy were shaped by of these powerful ruling dynasties (Este) and military usurpers (Sforza)
Italian Renaissance Artists
Italy during the Cinquecento gave birth to some of the world's best artists, the Italian Masters
Italian Renaissance Architecture
Visit the majestic and sacred buildings, fine palaces, and imposing fortifications built during the 1400s

The Concert (Lorenzo da Costa) Page from Gli Asolani by Pietro Bembo Detail, Birth of Mary (Ghirlandaio) 1486-90
Renaissance Music
Discover Renaissance Music, composers, and learn about the instruments used in Renaissance times
Italian Renaissance Literature, Poetry & Philosophy
Learn about Italy's Renaissance Poets and Authors including Pietro Bembo, Castiglione, and Ludovico Ariosto
Learn about 15th century clothing and admire the high-style of Italian nobles during the Renaissance

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Page Symbol Italian Castles and Fortresses
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Città e Campagna: Society in Renaissance Italy