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Name: Alfonso of Aragon/Alfonso D'Aragona
Position: Duke of Bisceglie and Salerno, 2nd husband of Lucrezia Borgia
Personality type: Soft-spoken, polite, innocent
Endearing trait(s):He "has all the sweetness of an apple on the tree", according to Lucrezia
Strength(s): Understanding for a young man of his time, congenial, strong sense of love and devotion to family, handsome
Weakness(es): A bit too soft for a man of his time, naive, tends to clam up under stress/pressure and does not act, zero ambition
Quirks: Swallows hard/audibly when he's nervous

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Season Two

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At the end of Season 2 and a long line of suitors, Lucrezia finally finds a good man to love: Alfonso of Aragon. Extremely handsome, sweet as the sweetest apple, kind, loving and chivalrous, he is every princess's ideal of what a prince should be. Sadly he lacks any practical sense of strength, ambition and fierceness--the qualities needed to prosper in the his time--and his goodness and purity ultimately prove him too weak and incapable of surviving a marriage to a Borgia.

As it was in history, Lucrezia fell in love at first sight with the handsome Duke of Bisceglie upon their first meeting. She plays a trick on him, but isn't angry about it; in fact, we get a sense that he only loves her more for her guile and cleverness. Their engagement is long compared to the one depicted for her first marriage to Giovanni Sforza (spanning four episodes instead of one), but we are shown that he is devoted to her body and soul...well, at least in soul, for Lucrezia discovers just how pure her betrothed is, as he is a virgin who made a vow to St. Agnes to save himself for marriage before he met her. That purity leads to frustration in the very forward and experienced Lucrezia and ultimately culminates in high transgression on her wedding night with her brother Cesare, setting in motion the chain of events that would fell Lucrezia's (almost) Perfect Prince.

His weaknesses are demonstrated in his dealings with his uncle, King Ferdinand II and Cesare Borgia. He has a strained relationship with his uncle, who rejects Lucrezia's illegitimate son by Paolo and refuses to allow the baby to come live with them in Naples after the marriage (and at the same time, Alfonso cowers against the wall when confronted by Cesare about saying nothing during the negotiations for that); he also confronts his uncle about the invitation of Caterina Sforza to his wedding, to which he is harshly schooled by Ferdinand about the "moves of the game", i.e. the game of marriage and alliances. He is also subject to a humiliating demonstration of his prowess--and loss of his virginity--by King Ferdinand II, upon the king's learning that Alfonso's marriage to Lucrezia remained unconsummated. After, it seemed that his and Lucrezia's marriage was a decent one, though Lucrezia soon found distaste in her husband's lack of ambition. From that point, he started to see through to the great love that his wife had for her own brother, and he unravels in its wake.

If it had been another time and another place, Prince Alfonso D'Aragona may have had a chance to live and love as the sweet, noble young man that he was. But like a wide-eyed fawn in the woods, he is far too delicate and idealistic--a "tender creature", according to Cesare--to live long under the cruelty and danger of his times.

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Family members:

Uncle: King Ferdinand II of Naples
Cousin: Prince Fredirigo/King Fredirigo of Naples
Cousin: Prince Raphael

Romance(s): Lucrezia Borgia

Friends: Probably many since he was a nice guy

Enemies: His uncle, King Ferdinand II, King Fredirigo, Cesare Borgia

Allies: Lucrezia Borgia, Cesare Borgia (at first)

Marriage(s): Lucrezia Borgia

Victim(s): Himself (accidental suicide)

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  • "I am neither wheat nor chaff. I am Alfonso D'Aragona, and I am flesh and blood." - Alfonso to Lucrezia (Season 2 Episode 10, "The Confession")
  • "So tell her I was inept, or coarse or beyond ugly. And come with me, and be mine alone." - Alfonso to Lucrezia (Season 2 Episode 10, "The Confession")
  • "A question mark. A question mark. A question mark!!! Is this what I am to your family?" - Alfonso to Lucrezia (Season 3 Episode 3, "Siblings")
  • "I'm the Duke of Bisceglie, which means I'm third in line to the throne of Naples and I have two cousins who would fight to the death for that very same throne. Prince Fredirigo and Prince Rafael. And I have no interest in that kind of power." - Alfonso to Lucrezia (Season 3 Episode 7, "Lucrezia's Gambit")
  • "But you're the source of them, my lord! And rumor has it that there are three in this marriage, not two!" - Alfonso to Cesare (Season 3 Episode 9, "The Gunpowder Plot")
  • "I should never...I should have never have loved you...I should have never have loved you...I should never have loved you..." - Alfonso to Lucrezia (Season 3 Episode 10, "The Prince")

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  • His and Lucrezia's first meeting/love at first sight (Season 2 Episode 10, "The Confession")
  • When he realizes he was party to a "fun" ruse by Lucrezia (Season 2 Episode 10, "The Confession")
  • Being confronted by Cesare after saying nothing to his uncle during negotiations for Lucrezia's marriage (Season 3 Episode 2, "The Purge")
  • Facing down his uncle about inviting Caterina Sforza to his wedding to Lucrezia (Season 3 Episode 3, "Siblings")
  • "A QUESTION MARK!" scene (Season 3 Episode 3, "Siblings")
  • Crying like a little baby in his bed on his wedding night (Season 3 Episode 3, "Siblings")
  • Accidentally facilitating his own death (Season 3 Episode 10, "The Prince")
  • Begging Lucrezia to end his pain (Season 3 Episode 10, "The Prince")

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How does Alfonso of Aragon in The Borgias compare to actual history? Compare the facts with the fiction below!
  • On the show he has two cousins in line for the throne of Naples, Prince Fredirigo and Prince Raphael
  • Dark haired, very hairy, looks to be at least 20-something years old, handsome
  • Suffered an accidental death at the hands of Cesare Borgia, with Lucrezia as witness
  • Had no children with Lucrezia Borgia
  • The show took great liberties with the timeline/people involved. King Ferdinand II, in history, was Alfonso's brother, not uncle, and they were both sons of Alfonso II (who is portrayed early in the series as young and having never married). Fredirigo/Frederick IV was actually Alphonso II's brother, so to this Alfonso, Fredirigo was technically his uncle. Fredirigo/Frederick IV did not have a brother named Raphael.
  • Was 17 when he met Lucrezia, described in history as very handsome/a most fair young man but depicted in a painting by Pinturicchio as having light skin and light hair
  • Was attacked on the steps of the Vatican and while trying to recover, strangled in his bed by Michelotto (Micheletto) Corella
  • Had one child with Lucrezia Borgia, Rodrigo of Aragon ("Little Rodrigo")

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