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Borgia Tombs and Other Protagonists
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Pope Callistus III - Tomb

This tomb is empty in the Vatican Grottoes and once held the body of Pope Callistus III*

Tomb of Pope Alexander VI

Pope Alexander VI Tomb outlined below

The Spanish National Church of Santiago and Montserrat is the burial place in a mausoleum (1889) of the Borgia Pope Callistus III and Pope Alexander VI.

Tomb of Lucrezia Borgia and husband Alfonso d'Este

Tomb of Cesare Borgia

Tomb of Lucrezia Borgia and her husband Alfonso I d'Este, Ferrara Italy

Tomb of Cesare Borgia, Iglesia de Santa Maria de Viana, Navarre, Spain

Tomb of Charlotte d'Albret

Tomb of Cesare Borgias wife, Charlotte d'Albret. The tomb is located in the Convent of the Annonciades at Bourges.

Vannozza dei Cattenei Epitaph

Vannozzo dei Cattanei’s Epitaph originally in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo at present in the portal of the Church of San Marco at the Piazzo San Marco.

To God, the best and greatest. To Vanozza Catanei, mother of Cesare of Valence, John [Juan] of Gandia, Jufredo [Jeffrey] of Squilace, and Lucretia the Duchess of Ferrara; conspicuous for her uprightness, her piety, her discretion, and her intelligence, and deserving much on account of what she did for the Lateran Hospital. Erected by Hieronymous Picus, fiduciary-commissioner and executor of her will. She lived 76 years, 4 months and 13 days. She died in the year 1518, November 26th.

Tomb of Niccolo Macchiavelli

Tomb of Niccolo` Macchiavelli, author of "The Prince" which extolls the virtues of the ideal Renaissance ruler supposedly exemplifed by Cesare Borgia. Tomb at Santa Croce, Florence

Tomb of Leonardo da Vinci

Tomb of Leonardo Da Vinci, St Hubert's Chapel, Amboise, France

Pope Julius II Tomb

Unfinshed tomb (Cenotaph) of
Pope Julius II by Michelangelo in the Church of St. Peter ad Vincula, Rome. At his death, the remains of Julius were buried in St. Peter's Basilica. The remains of Julius and his Uncle Pope Sixtus IV were desecrated during the Sack of Rome* in 1527. They were later reburied in the Basilica under a simple marker in front of the tomb of
Clement X.

Michelangelo's Tomb

Basilica di Santa Croce di Firenze, Florence

*Papal tombs in Old St. Peter's Basilica were built from the fifth to sixteenth centuries. The majority of these tombs were destroyed during the sixteenth through seventeenth century demolition of Old St. Peter's Basilica (save one which was destroyed during the Sack of Rome: 6 May 1527), although a handful of them were translated in part to modern Saint Peter's Basilica, which stands on the site of the original basilica, and a handful of other churches of Rome.

Titian's Tomb

The Tomb of Tiziano Vecelli "Titian".
It is located in the church of S. Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice Italy.

Tomb of Ramon de Cardona, Viceroy of Naples

Tomb of Ramon de Cardona (1467 -1522), Viceroy of Naples, by Giovanni da Nola (1478 - 1559), Church of San Nicolau, Bellpuig, Catalonia, Spain.

The tomb was commissioned from the Neapolitan sculptor da Nola by Cardona's widow Isabella de Requesens. It was sculpted and built in Naples and then dismantled and re-erected in Cardona's native town of Bellpuig. It is regarded as one of the finest examples of Renaissance art in Catalonia.

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