Blossom To Petals Full

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Blossom To Petals Full

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by Trisha
Rating: K
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Word count: 260
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My interpretation of Lucrezia from her start at the beginning of season one and her progression throughout the season along side some of the popular gossip/ideas of her true character.

You are you,
a young flower in bloom,
longing to be yourself,
but others want you to be more,
more grown up and more mature,
for you long to be a small blossom,
a girl of youth not a woman of petals full;

Thus you are thrust,
into a life that is alien and unsure,
forced to be that which is accepted,
striving and pushing to break away,
to break the mold of acceptance,
to the mold of free will,
but will this mold last;

Free will now your ally,
you are free from one grasp but,
others constantly seek to hold you,
hold you to their benefit,
to your misery,
seek happiness in your own skin,
seek to be forever free of all grasps;

When you are at last,
totally free beyond all,
you will make your way,
you will live and you will love,
you will succeed and fail,
in the end when your life is done,
in that end some will say of you,
she was great and beautiful,
she was twisted and crude,
perhaps we the world will never truly know;

The important thing to ponder,
for the world that is,
is perhaps that we the world will never know,
because is is really the business of the world to know,
there is more to understand about a life than just merely knowing it all,
but then we can imagine her as one or the other,
then to imagine is sometimes improper,
because we imagine in our own opinion and likeness,
don't seek to imagine someone as you see them,
try to imagine them as,
they would imagine themselves.

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