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Borgia Weapons
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Borgia Weapons - THE  BORGIAS   wikiBy most historical accounts, the Renaissance-era Borgias family was notorious. The Showtime cable network calls them "one of the most remarkable and legendary families in history."

For Epic Weapons, what matters is Showtime is bringing the story to the small screen, and the Melbourne company is playing a role in the 15th century family's Hollywood debut, which begins Sunday with the first installment of network's original series, "The Borgias."

Epic Weapons, 2910 Bush Drive, signed an agreement with Showtime last year to manufacture replicas of weapons, costume and jewelry that will be featured on the series. The company's replica costume worn by series character Lucrezia Borgia is displayed in the Macy's window on 34th Street in New York City and also at a downtown Philadelphia store. "Our reputation is going beyond Melbourne, beyond Florida," said Ioanna Hawkins, Epic Weapons president. "It's going world wide."

Privately held Epic sold more than 20,000 of its replica products last year, though Hawkins declined to disclose revenues. Higher sales are expected this year.
The deal with Showtime follows a key relationship begun two years ago between Epic Weapons and gaming giant Electronic Arts Inc. Epic Weapons makes reproductions of some items in EA's top games, including "Dragon Age II," "Dead Space" and "American McGee's Alice." Wayne T Price

The Borgias Cesare Dagger

Cesare Borgia Replica Dagger

Cost $89.95

The Borgias Michelotto Dagger

Michelotto Replica Dagger

Cost $49.95

The Borgias Michelotto Sword

Michelotto Replica Sword

Cost $189.95

The Borgias Juan Sword

Juan Borgia Replica Sword

Cost $189.95

Available from Showtime

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