Borgia Caption Game # 15

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Borgia Caption Game
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Lets have some fun with screencaptures

As the season progresses a different screencapture will be added and you can add your own caption.
If a member has a screencapture they would like to see added please message a moderator.
When one capture has been exhausted we will add your capture.
Have fun!!!!!!!!

Caption No. 15 - Cesare and Juan
Borgia Caption Game No. 15 - Cesare and Juan

Here's how to get started:
  • Click EasyEdit at the top of the page.
  • Go to the Table and add your username and caption.
  • Click on Save.

When enough captions for each screencapture have been added we will have a poll for the best and the winner will receive a
Caption Game Medal.

Caption Game Medal
Megmaniac. This is going to be the best Nativity play ever! Yeah! The other school have only got a cardboard cut out.
Poncianito Cesare to Juan " What do you get when you cross a donkey with a onion?" Juan to Cesare "A piece of ass that really makes you cry!!!"
Tomidori Who is the most elastic man in renaissance Rome?? Juan Borgia, he tied his ass to the well and walked into the Vatican!
RoyalDynasty666 Cesare to Juan "Only you would think of using an ass to do the dirty work!" Juan to Cesare "Like you could have done better!"
Andrew_Dragon (1) Cesare to Juan "I thought with everything on your ass you were going to find it difficult to get through the door"
Andrew_Dragon (2) Juan to Cesare "Does my ass look big in this?"
Kittywake09 Cesare to Juan "It is you who cannot lead a HORSE to water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Juan "neigh"
Andrew_Dragon (3) Juan to Cesare "They say we're unstable, I'll show them just how stable we are"
offwithherhead Juan to Cesare: "Cesare, I swear I heard this mule talk ... said his name was Francis or some such thing." Cesare to Juan: "I suppose you will next tell me that he was in the movies."
Rosie1969 (1) Cesare: "Manual steering, under 10,000 miles, 6 mths MOT and tax, previously owned by one little old lady who used it to ride to the Vatican once a week on a Sunday - a real bargain! Call us the Borgia Bros Used Donkeys on Vatican 1234 for a test drive today!"

Juan: "Remember folks, we buy any donkey dot com!"
Rosie1969 (2) Cesare (to Juan): "I told you that we only needed the head to put into Cardinal della Rovere's bed, you bloody idiot!"
Pamela218 Cesare to Juan: " Brother, when you make an ass of yourself, you really go all out!"
Juliana-Angela Cesare 'Do you think that Dad can get away with making this donkey a Cardinal?' Juan 'Well, he made you one...'

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