Borgia Caption Game # 24

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Borgia Caption Game
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Lets have some fun with screencaptures

As the season progresses a different screencapture will be added and you can add your own caption.

If a member has a screencapture they would like to see added please message a moderator.
When one capture has been exhausted we will add your capture.
Have fun!!!!!!!!

Caption No. 24 - Season 2 Lucrezia, Giulia and Vanozza
Borgia Caption Game No. 24

Here's how to get started:
  • Click EasyEdit at the top of the page.
  • Go to the Table and add your username and caption.
  • Click on Save.

When enough captions for each screencapture have been added we will have a poll for the best and the winner will receive a
Caption Game

Caption Game Medal

cesareobsessed Lucrezia: "What do you think of Cesare in those leather trousers?!"
Giulia: "Works for me!"
Vanozza: "If only he wasn't my son, but an actor playing the role...!!!"

Giulia: "I have called this meeting in the hen house because ..."
Lucrezia: "Sorry to interrupt Giulia, but there appears to be a question from a rooster in the back."
Vanozza: "Yes, Giulia, I am sure you have no problem with this as you have made time for the "rooster" in the hen house more than once."
RoyalDynasty666 Lucrezia: "Look at my Paulo as he fixes that saddle. God, I hope it never gets fixed."
Giulia: "You certainly know how to pick them Lucrezia dear."
Vanozza: "If I were 17 again, he can ride me anytime."
Tomidori Lucrezia: "I'd like to buy an 'A."
Giulia: " I'll spin, Pat."
Vanozza: "Ladies, can't you see it's a 'Rack' not a 'Wheel!"
Cotys Lucrezia "Look at my brother in those leather trousers, posing like a girl!"
Julia "Meh, the older wine tastes better!"
Vanozza "Kids...what do you expect from them - brain like a grain!"
Hespera4523 Lucrezia: "Wait for it...." Giulia: "There it goes! Split the leather right up the back!" Vanozza: "I told him those pants were too tight. Boys...they never listen to their mother."
Kittywake09 Lucrezia "Double" Giulia "Double toil and trouble" Vanozza "Fire burn and caldron bubble"


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