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Lets have some fun with screencaptures

As the season progresses a different screencapture will be added and you can add your own caption.
If a member has a screencapture they would like to see added please message a moderator.
When one capture has been exhausted we will add your capture.
Have fun!!!!!!!!

Caption No. 4 - Prince Alfonso and King Ferrante

Borgia Caption No 4 - Prince Alfonso and King Ferrante

When enough captions for each screencapture have been added
we will have a poll for the best and the winner will receive a
Caption Game Medal!

Caption Game Medal
SorayaofNaples Alfonso: "Here comes the airplane, brmpbrrrrmp" King Ferrante: "I hate the airplane"
Ferrante'sMummy A: Hey father, look how Sancia is groping Juan Borgia! F: Oh, I wish I'm blind too. Takes a bastard to act like a bastard.
offwithherhead Alfonso: "Father, just imagine as you slurp into this fine gruel, that it is a nice piece of chicken." King Ferrante: " I am trying to imagine that I never had children!"
Englishsetter Alfonso: It's your favorite - the other white meat - "Ferrante Chicken Liver!" How about some fava beans and a nice chianti to go with it? King Ferrante: "SSSFFT SFFT SFFT"
RoyalDynasty666 Alfonso: "A little taste of Heaven for you father!" King Ferrante: "More like death on a spoon. Would it not be easier to put a pillow over my head?"
Megmaniac King ferrante, " what is it?" Alfonso," it's a new dish from Rome, Cantarella soup. All the Popes friends love it to death!"
Poncianito Ok, one more for the road!! fine, but don't miss my mouth this time!!!
puhp A: "Faaaatha. Should we show our fine guests what we do with our enemies drained blood?" F: 'slurp....thap, thap....burp..."
Coriolana Alfonso: "Two all-beef patties, pickles, special sauce..." King Ferrante: "On a Sesame Seed bun!"

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