Borgia Caption Game # 8

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Lets have some fun with screencaptures

As the season progresses a different screencapture will be added and you can add your own caption.
If a member has a screencapture they would like to see added please message a moderator.
When one capture has been exhausted we will add your capture.
Have fun!!!!!!!!

Caption No. 8 - Juan Borgia

Borgia Caption Game No. 8 - Juan Borgia

When enough captions for each screencapture have been added
we will have a poll for the best and the winner will receive a
Caption Game Medal.

Caption Game Medal
JeniceDCoffey I make this look gooood
Juliana-Angela I'm certainly up for a threesome with you and Cesare, Sancia, but isn't involving Jofre going a bit far?
Pamela218 Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Hate me because I shagged my little brother's betrothed, but don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
RoyalDynasty666 No need to fight ladies, there's plenty of Juan to go around. Who wants to go first?
tomidori Oh no, brother, you can't lay that on me! If Sancia's preggers, Joffre's the dad not me!
offwithherhead Oh no you don't ..... don't you dare look at me with the Holier-Than-Thou expression! The only thing you can say about my lifestyle is "Winning !".
Kittywake09 "In centuries to come, perhaps someone with a name like David Beckham will be striking a pose like this in tiny white briefs and getting paid oodles of ducats!! nah cannot see it catching on somehow"
Megmaniac Erm, hello! Woman Needed here! Like Now!
TudorAddict007 "Ohhhh no way. Don't even look this way! If you smelt it, you dealt it!"
dblackthistle hah....and you thought Wayne Newton was sexy....

The Winning Caption was by Kittywake!

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