Borgia Caption Game #2

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Lets have some fun with screencaptures

As the season progresses a different screencapture will be added and you can add your own caption.
If a member has a screencapture they would like to see added please message a moderator.
When one capture has been exhausted we will add your capture.

Have fun!!!!!!!!

Caption No. 2 - The Cardinals

Caption 2 The Cardinals
caption submitted by megmaniac

When enough captions for each screencapture have been added we will have a poll for the best and the winner will receive a Caption Game Medal.

Caption Game Medal
Annanke Oy!!! Who will go into it? It is necessarily to teach lesson to our dear Rodrigo!
JeniceD Hey! Who Pooped in here!
MeagyD OH! how I've longed for this day!
Megmaniac you all right down there Roddy? who made the hole too big? Della Rovereeeeee!!!!
jlsannebolyengirl echo!!!! echo!!! hellow down there !!! wow what a hole!!!
offwithherhead That's a mighty big hole....I think we are giving Rodrigo waayyy too much credit. We will never be able to live with him now!!
galleryguy So that's hell!
kittywake09 Rodrigo "Send the rope down or be afraid, be very afraid"
Englishsetter Don't drink this. It's vinegar! I tasted it!
anzhitinglan Wow, such a chance we have long expected :D
Loo-loos It's showtime. Brace yourself!
Poncianito ! I Don't think this hole if big enough for my rear end!!!!!
UnknownLady It sucks being down there, huh? Rodrigo: Tell me 'bout it.
*RoyalDynasty666 They don't call it the 'Royal Seat' for nothing!

* The last two members added their caption after the deadline, sorry you have not been included in this poll but look forward to your next captions.

The Winning Caption was by EnglishSetter

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