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Borgia Inspired Gifts
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Borgia Inspired Gifts - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Lucrezia Borgia Mug £11.50

Lucrezia Borgia Mug

Put your lips to one of the most infamous women in Renaissance history's lips. Yes your very own
Lucrezia Borgia Mug.

Available from cafepress.

Detail of the Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo's - Detail of the Sistine Chapel

Detail of the Sistine Chapel

If it is prints of fine art you require why not a
Michelangeloto adorn your walls.

Available from allposters

Pope Alexander VI's Poison Casket Rings

Pope Alexander VI(pewter replica of a
Poisoned Casket Ring)

Poison Casket Ring

Do you fancy wearing a ring inspired by
the infamous Borgia's?

Get yours for £31.71 at Amazon

Poison RIng

Poison Ring

Poison Ring

For ladies who like something
that little bit different,
we have whatever you desire at

Black Hemlock Poison Ring

Poison Ring

Black Hemlock Poison Ring

Egregious and formidable dress-ring concealing a generous cavity beneath its brass hinged, imperious crystal gem lid. With black crystal.

Available from Rock n Goth price £27.99.

Lucrezia, one of Les Femmes Fatales series Royal Doulton

Royal Doulton Figurine of
Lucrezia Borgia

Royal Doulton Figurine of Lucrezia Borgia

Have you a mere $900 to spare?!!
Les Femmes Fatales -- designed by Peggy Davies renowned for and manufactured by
Royal Doulton from 1979 to 1985 -- included Cleopatra, Eve, Queen of Sheba, T'Zu-Hsi, Empress Dowager, Helen of Troy... and of course, our Lady to
the left who put the "CRAZY" in LuCREZIa !!!

Borgia Inspired Gifts - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Lucrezia Borgia is not one of Donizetti's masterpieces, but nonetheless can be enormously stage worthy. Despite a wonderful piece or two for tenor and baritone and the justly famous "Il Segreto" for mezzo, most of the burden falls upon the shoulders of the heroine. As in Lucia, if there isn't a great Lucrezia, it's not a great Lucrezia!!

this DVD of the 1980 Lucrezia Borgia at Covent Garden, Dame Joan Sutherland and tenor Alfredo Kraus star in Donizetti's tale of sixteenth century opulence and decadence. Joan Sutherland is unquestionably the unsurpassed Lucrezia of all-time, and this production at Covent Garden showcases her incomparable coloratura technique. Bel canto specialist (and La Stupenda's husband) Richard Bonynge conducts The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House in this Historic performance.

Cheaper than Amazon...? Joan Sutherland Covent Garden Lucrezia 1980.

"This 1980 Covent Garden production of Donizetti's opera based on the infamous dramatic heroine was undertaken so that one of the few sopranos who would dare tackle the fearsome range of Lucrezia Borgia-- Dame Joan Sutherland-- could do so in a setting amenable to her talent. And tackle it she does... Sutherland shows she has the sheer chops to overcome Donizetti's piling on difficulty after vocal difficulty. From the prologue's "Com e Bello," Sutherland never lets up through her gripping final scene of intense anguish and melodrama. Richard Bonynge conducts the Orchestra of the supporting cast-- Alfredo Kraus, Anne Howells, and Stafford Dean-- performs ably in Sutherland's wake." --Kevin Filipski

Lucrezia Borgia Goblet

Lucrezia Borgia Poison Goblet

The Lucrezia Borgia Poison Goblet

This goblet resembles a late 15th century goblet and it bears the Borgia double-headed phoenix crest. It
also has the initials "L.B.", for our girl Lucrezia, on it. There is a secret panel behind the knob that opens up to an ample sized cavity. Would Lucrezia have used something like this? Or would her brother, Cesare, have been more likely to use it? In any event it is a great conversation piece,and is sure to get you talking about this infamous family.

Priced at 250 pounds.
Can be purchased at:

Cesare Dagger Earring
Cesare Veto Dagger Crystal Stud Earring


Borgia Inspired Gifts - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Showtime Borgia Wine

Borgias Soave (White)
Borgias Valpolicella (Red)

Price $14.99

Luicrezia Borgia Phone Cover

Safeguard the Lucrezia Borgia iPhone 4 Clear Case 4 in this thin, see-through soft case with molded-silicone siding. It fits securely around devices, delivering a better grip while protecting from dings and scratches.
  • Fits the AT&T Lucrezia Borgia iPhone 4 Clear Case 4 only
  • Clear polycarbonate backing
  • Silicone, easy-grip sides
  • Easy access to all controls

Lucrezia Art Tile
Lucrezia Borgia Art Tile

The infamous Lucrezia Borgia holding the flower of the Borgia clan. The writing on the tile is a portion of a love letter sent to her by her lover, Pietro Bembo, between 1503 and 1519.

Art tile is 4.25" x 4.25." There are felt feet on the bottom so it can be used as a coaster.

Lucrezia Borgia Art Tile

Renaissance: Music for Inner Peace
Music for Inner Peace CD

Anton Bruckner: Locus iste in C Major, WAB 23
Antonio Lotti: Crucifixus
Claudio Monteverdi: Motet "Christe, adoramus te", SV 293
Francis Poulenc: Salve Regina, FP 110
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina: Missa Papae Marcelli: Kyrie
Gregorio Allegri: Motet "Miserere mei Deus" (Psalm 51)
Henryk Górecki: Totus Tuus, Op. 60
John Sheppard: Libera nos
John Tavener: The Lamb
Josquin Desprez: Motet "Ave Maria… virgo serena"
Samuel Barber: Agnus Dei, Op. 11
Thomas Tallis:
Anthem "If ye love me"
Motet "Salvator mundi Domine" (Adesto nunc propitius)
Thomas Tomkins: When David Heard That Absalom Was Slain
William Byrd:
Agnus Dei (Gradualia, Book 1)
Motet "Justorum animae"
Various prices

Pope Alexander VI DollThis vinyl Pope Alexander VI is a 10 inch five-way jointed male Cissette. He's the father of that infamous duo, Caesare and Lucrezia Borgia. A pope with children you say? Well things were different then, in fact, he had many mistresses. Apparently he was hard to resist. First off, his combed back, graying brown hair worn under a white satin zucchetto, not to mention his blue eyes give him a handsome, distinguished look. Then there are his papal robes that are white with pale gold, and a brocade cassock that has three rows of four buttons running down the center front. The matching robe worn over the cassock features a cope (short cape) and white duchess cuffs on the long sleeves. White tights and white satin slippers, with gold metallic embroidery, on his feet completes Pope Alexander VI, as seen on Showtime's vaunted series, The Borgias©. A 2012 Spring edition from Madame Alexander's Arts Collection. Suitable for ages 14 and up.