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Dear Rodrigo
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Our most illustrious Pope, Alexander VI (aka Rodrigo Borgia!) has been assigned the "Dear _________" column of the Vatican's paper this month and has already opened four letters and is ready to answer them. Now members of the wiki have to write an entry in reply from the point of view of Rodrigo Borgia to one of the five questions asked by doing this you can add your entry to the thread linked under the question you want to answer.
  • Language must be appropriate.
  • Answers appropriate to the show and when the Borgias lived.
  • Answer MUST BE from the point of view of Rodrigo Borgia.
  • One answer per person per question (this means you can have an answer to each letter!)
  • Entries must be entered on the Question's assigned thread if posted on another questions thread it will not be counted i.e a Question One Answer must be posted on the Dear Rodrigo - ENTRIES FOR QUESTION ONE thread.
  • Your answers can also have a humorous tone.
  • HAVE FUN!!! this is a oppurtunity to get creative!!.

Question One
Borgias Fan Competition 2013 - Dear Rodrigo - The Borgias Fan WikiDear Rodrigo,
My son and daughter have always been very close, more so than with their relationships with my other sons. Lately I have been noticing the way they look at each other which seems more than a typical brother and sister rather lovers or almost lovers. This particular son has been quite protective over her once shaming her ex husband and ruining his honour. What should I do concerning these two?
- Worried Parent

Question Two
Borgias Fan Competition 2013 - Dear Rodrigo - The Borgias Fan WikiDear Rodrigo,
My new partner is spending a lot of time with my ex partner who is also the mother of my children. They seem to be meeting behind my back and discussing matters that are not disclosed to me. Should I be worried about their friendship, should I be encouraging it or should I be discouraging it?
Question Three
Borgias Fan Competition 2013 - Dear Rodrigo - The Borgias Fan WikiDear Rodrigo,
My sons wife is starting to spend a lot of time with his elder brother. The marriage was arranged and the brother is a lot closer in age to the wife than the husband who is considerably younger. She seems quite a passionate and amorous young lady who lives her life with gusto and a lot of fun. Should I be worried of the affections of the wife and the elder brother as it may hurt my younger son?
Question Four
Borgias Fan Competition 2013 - Dear Rodrigo - The Borgias Fan WikiDear Rodrigo,
My two sons have always had a bit of a sibling rivalry. The oldest has always though he was better suited to the position that the younger holds. I must admit the elder reminds me of myself and the younger reminds me of my departed but beloved brother. My love for the younger some say shades my better judgement. Well they have been clashing more and more lately and have been sword fighting in front of the members of the public, the younger has also threatened to kill and harm their sisters son whom the elder is godfather of. What should I do about my quarreling sons before it turns deadly?
Question Five
Dear Rodrigo: Question FiveDear Rodrigo,
I have always had a feud with one of my co-workers. I while back there was a chance of a promotion where our co-workers had to vote to who would get the position, well I got the job. Ever since I have gotten the job he has been challenging me and trying to get powerful people behind his cause, recently he tried to kill me with putting a person in my team that was secretly working for him to kill me. I feel that next he is going to try to harm my family and my close friends. What should I do?

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