Fan Chat with David Oakes June 10, 2012

FAN CHAT with Davis Oakes

David Oakes aka Juan Borgia
was our first guest for our fan chat sessions from season 1!
We feature his chat with fans from June 10th.
See what David had to say to fans!

One fan commented that we all represented the United Nations.

David responded with
"Anyone up for seeing if we can unify the world into a state of peace and econimic security."
He was complimented on his use of Spanish in the series.

David: "Spanish pronunciation -Blimey! Thanks . A lot of it was guess work. I learned Latin and French in school. Since then I have picked up a little Hungarian, Italian and German but not enough for a chatroom!"
A fan asked David when did he start acting.

David: "In 1993. I was a local kid in the chorus of the Sailsbury Pantomine (Aladdin). It gave me a taste of the theatre from which I have never looked back from."
One fan asked how was it like working with Jeremy Irons and Sean Harris

David: "Working with JI and SH was great fun. Both very distinctive actors to work alongside. I think the three of us all bring a very dynamic presence to our scenes."
In response to a fan question...

David "One of my favorite things about the show has to be having worked with so many actors who all have very distinct styles."
In response to a fan question...

David: "Francois has a brooding naturalness, Holliday is bursting with passion and happiness. Jeremy is just a bundle of electric ideas. Sean is...well Sean is intense! Loved my far too few scenes with him."
David: "Peter O" Toole is one of the many actors I am entranced by." "I miss the olden times where relative unknowns like he were given massive opportunities Lawrence of Arabia It's great to see people blow away all expectations. He's incredible in that movie." David on doing a convention:

"Would I consider doing a convention? Well... you're all insane so I'd probably try to keep my distance. I mean you'd have to be mad to find Juan endearing."

On fan question about playing guitar:

David: "Guitar is coming along slowly but still just a pleasure for private."
Fan question: How much did you know about the Borgias before you started filming?

David: "
I knew of the Borgia family before the show but understandably my knowledge of them has rocketed since we started the show."
In response to multiple fan questions ..."What's next?"

"What's next? To be honest right at this moment I'm not sure.I may be doing a little piece of writing for a week in the upcoming month, but I'm still waiting to hear back on a couple of larger roles"
(In response to fan question)

David: "There is a short film out there on YouTube that I made before I went to Drama School in Bristol that looks on the issues of depression."
On the possibility on going on Game of Thrones

David: "There is a part in Game of Thrones I would like to take a stab at. But, I don't know how HBO would take to adopting someone from their rivals at SHO!"

"But I would love to head over- what with Pillars too, I kind of need to get the trilogy/Medieval villany."

(Fans went wild when they heard about this.Apparently fans had been talking how perfect David would be for GoT - Several fans said they wanted to see him on Game of Thrones. Maybe we will get our wish!)
In response to fan question/comment:

David: "Evil characters seem to have the fun stuff to do it's really as simple as that! But, as I've said before I like to bring the humanity into the darkness.
Make you the audience question your expectations of blanket evilness."
David on Juan:

"Juan is mostly inspired by the other cast members. He quite happily embodies everything they seem to hate. I took the pride from Cesare, the heart of Lucrezia, the stubborness of the Pope and mashed them into Juan."
"The only character who does not seem to have an impact on Juan is Vanozza she's pretty much perfect in every way. Except perhaps her temper in Season one. Juan certainly has that!"
I’ve loved the controlled exposition that has been provided for Juan. His story is very neatly told and has never over-egged the pudding I think. I’m very proud of my work this year.
David on filming the Borgias

David: "Everything in the Borgias is shot out of sequence. Normally taking two episodes at a time and shooting based on location as opposed to narrative order."

David on scripts:

"We normally start a season with scripts for 3/4 episodes No more than that."
David; "We get to see the scripts as and when they are written."
Favorite scenes

David: "I think that scene with Jeremy and the dagger is one of my favorite scenes to date. The major kudos for that work goes to the director John Maybury."
John really brought Jeremy and I together in that scene. We shot it in a few massively different ways. The take you saw was our last take where we removed all our playing and just let the truth of the scene bubble through.
Fan questions about the 2 horses used at Forli:

David: "The main one was a Lipitzana called Pazstor (Hungarian for shepherd). He was brought by the stunt coordinator Pete, whilst we were shooting episode 2. Over the following months we trained him up and got him ready for all the action sequences in the Forli section."
"The second horse was a proper stunt horse brought across from Spain especially for the horse fall with Juan."

David on the Renaissance period...

David: "I'm not entirely sure The Renaissance is certainly the most rich, the most full of the human qualities and creations that I admire/am intrigued by...
Fan question What is your favorite book?

David: "Favorite book, umm Probably something by John Fowles. maybe 'Daniel martin' or 'The Collector'."
David: "I've created a brief script. It's a horror comedy centered around a very English sport. But I think it's a little too niche . We will see if one day it gets made, but for the meantime it's just nice to know that I've created something."David: "Creating is often enough on it's own. Especially if you are feeling out of touch with the world. By channelling what's inside and private into something with substance you feel as if you are moving forward." David on art:

David: "I'm a little obsessed with Rodin. I've always admired how he captured high contrast within his sculptures. It's certainly what I aim to do with my sketches."
David on Twitter

David: "My Twitter page background has been a Courbet self-portrait for a while now, but I think it captures the kind of paintings I've always liked."
David: "One thing I'd love to do is a Rom Com. I love comedies probably more than straight drama at the moment. There are far too few GOOD RomComs about at the moment."
David about Holliday, Francois and the cast members:

Holliday, Francois and I get on very well. It’s a shame that Francois lives between Canada and LA as Holly and I see a lot of each other in London when not filming. If FA was in London too, I can imagine us all hanging out as a trio…probably with Luke Pasqualino and Augustus Prew too…and Ruta’d probably show us all up by being effortlessly classy!
Working on projects during The Borgias:

Truth or Dare was a great fun thing to do. I shot it in between series 1 and series 2 of the Borgias. It was, to be honest, just nice to do something in jeans!
Working with Neil Jordan on his portrayal of Juan:

Flexibility – Neil, with David who also wrote a lot of season 2, definitely started to write directly for us as actors. I don’t think Neil has ever liked Juan. He always was so rude about him; he focused purely upon his weaknesses. I tried to show Neil that there was a strength there too. Just a misbalanced one. I think the conflict between how Neil wrote Juan, and how I wanted to give Juan integrity makes the character a terribly juicy character to watch upon the screen. Neil, I believe, is very pleased with my performance. I look forward to working with him again.
So if you could be the director, who would most like to direct?

I can certainly see myself directing something in the future – but that is probably a few years off…We shall see. One thing’s certain, I’ll always be trying to make something. Even if it’s a silly short about tea!
Responding to references to his 'mullet' in Season 1:

Stefano, who is our new wig and hair guru, came across from Italy specifically for season two. I love my piratical look a whole bunch more than my mullet. That said, I think the move from an immature hairstyle in season one, to a darker more bitter mature one in 2 echoes Juan’s character journey.
Referring to the balcony scene in World of Wonders:

That poor baby…! I’ve never wanted to make a baby scream before. I felt so bad when we shot that scene! The mother was watching on though and didn’t seem to mind at all!
You’re "mostly known for being nasty in Medieval times" but if you could play the hero, who would you most like a chance to be?

I’d love to play a hero at some point soon. We’ll just have to wait for the right opportunity to come along. I played Sidney Carton in TOTC a few years back. He’s my perfect idea of a hero; a broken man, who despite everything comes through to save the day
Favorite Food

I’ll pretty much eat anything. I made homemade burgers this evening for myself and my flatmate
Regarding the caption contest:

I’ve read all the WWJD (What Would Juan Do); I’ve certainly got a favorite. But I don’t want to upset all of you who haven’t won. I’ll announce it in 10 minutes at 11pm and then run away with the tail between my legs like Juan!. Right I just need to go and re-read the wwjd entries, double check which one I want to win
Really sorry to those of you who haven’t won – it was certainly good fun to read your thoughts. The winner is: elena miron for her Vatican answer. Seemed to tickle both Juan’s and my own funny bones. I’ve always liked random comedy.
Final Thoughts:

Just keep telling everyone to watch the show, and if they get to vote in the Emmys … well, you know who to push!! Enjoy the final two episodes and I’ll see you all in the future no doubt

Again the wiki is very grateful for David Oakes taking the time to participate in our chats he will be very missed (if not his character) in future seasons, we wish him all greatness in future.
Thank you David for bringing Juan to life and being so friendly to your fans. David gained rave reviews for his performance as Juan Borgia especially in season 2. David will be starring next as George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence in "White Queen" Which also stars Max Irons as King Edward IV Of England.

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