FUN FACTS about the Borgias

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Fun Facts About The Borgias
(In history,the cast and any snippets about the series)

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In History:

Rodrigo Borgia - Pope Alexander VI

The aged pope Alexander had a regular band of female performers - "an unlawful herd." The herd consisted of twenty five young women and often more than that were in the Vatican every evening and were kept busy dancing and otherwise entertaining the Sovereign Pontiff "from the ring of the Ave Maria until 2 o clock in the morning."

Cantarella was most likely a variation of arsenic used by Pope Alexander to poison his victims.

Alexander's last words were said to be "Wait a minute."

To cover up the ravages of the effects of Syphilis, Cesare wore a mask in public. Apparently it quite added to his mystique.

Cesare married Charlotte d'Albret, sister of the King of Navarre, at Blois on 10th May 1499. According to French gossip, on his wedding night his doctor gave him a laxative instead of an aphrodisiac and he spent much of the night making trips to the privy.

Cesare and Charlotte spent little time together. She gave birth to a daughter, Louise, on 17th May 1500, but Cesare had left for Italy the previous August. He never saw Charlotte again and never met Louise, his only legitimate child.

Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia is an ancestor of many notable people including American Civil War general P.G.T Beauregard and American actress Brooke Shields.

Lucrezia has her very own Opera dedicated to her.

It has been said that Lucrezia's eyes could change colour.

Lucrezia's portrait makes an appearance in Desperate Housewives in Gabby and Carlos' bedroom.

Actors and Actresses from The Borgias

Jeremy was one of the first celebrities to wear the Red Ribbon - supporting the fight against Aids.

Owns Kilco Castle (in Co.Cork) which he painted a rusty pink.

Played a psychologist to paedophiles in "Law and Order: SUV" Last year

Won three Oscars: The Reversal of Fortune; The Mission; and The Lion King. Many awards for Dead Ringers.

Confessed to Pat Kenny (Presenter of the Irish Late Late show) that one of his guilty pleasures is sifting through the dumpsters in search of discarded "treasures."

Colm Feore

Played the "devil" on "Storm of the Century" eventually causing a couple
to give him their child "Ralphie" (with the angel's saddle on his nose)
Does he become as"evil" in the Borgia's?

Derek Jacobi Was on the short list of actors considered for the role of Hannibal Lector in the Silence of the Lambs.

He was Knighted in 1994.

Played the priest who jumped off the cathedral roof in "The Bones" when
he thought the bones were Jesus's

Played Senator Graccius in Gladiator-
Played the Archbishop in "The King's Speech"

Played title role in "I, Claudius"

Joanne Whalley

Was chosen as one of People magazines 50 most beautiful people in the world(1991)

Joanne met her ex husband Val Kilmer on set on the cult movie Willow.

Did not tell her ex Val Kilmer that she wanted a divorce, he found out when he was away filming by watching CNN in a hotel room.

Holliday GraingerIn 2007 she began an English degree at the University of Leeds which she continued with the Open University.
David Oakes
David is a successful theatre director and has created shows for various festivals.

David is an avid follower of folk music, and continues to support the British folk group Sheenlangagig.

David is also starring in the sequel to Pillars of the Earth, World Without End

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