Goodbye Kittywake09 and Offwithherhead

Urquheart sadly informed us today (19/03/2012) that Kittywake09 and Offwithherhead have decided to leave us.
Let me start by saying they WERE the wiki and most of the wiki is their own hardwork.

Please add your messages/pictures to the table below.

Member Message
Alexia*Victory Youdidn'tjudge me.

I joined this wiki on New Year's 2012. And pretty much screwed up comments/videos/well pretty much everything I did on here. At least for the first couple of weeks. Kittywake09 and Offwithherhead, you guys did the most amazing thing. You told me it was okay and fixed it up. You both were the first to greet me coming to this wiki. You both helped me when I messed up. You took the time to thank me for posting something or discuss it, even if I posted it in the wrong area!

Offwithherhead thank you for all your insight, your kindness, and your efforts.

Kittywake09 thank you for being the first to welcome me, and basically running this wiki. You gave us so much!

You both did, this show would not be as half as popular without you both! I firmly believe that. I am so sorry you have to leave. Yet please stop by every once in a while. You both are always welcomed.

We will miss you!
Urquheart Kittywake09 and Offwithherhead absolutely were this wiki's SOUL (along with our wonderful members of course). I am sure that everyone wishes them well but it is almost unimaginable that we must now go on without them. It goes without saying that we will miss them greatly but I am also sure that they will keep watching over us from a distance and always see this wiki and its members with great fondness.
Juliana-Angela You both did a great job in designing the Wiki, creating pages and adding information and you were always there to welcome, encourage and help members. We will really miss you.
Goodbye Kittywake09 and Offwithherhead
Wow, were to start. Knowing you guys from The Tudors Wiki you were always inputting and giving us a lot of useful information. Over here you guys are basically the MsSquirrly of this site, always on, always ready to help, always adding your knowledge and expertise to the pages.

From knowing from experience how time consuming it is to be a mod, you guys have exceeded in every way.

I will miss you guys greatly.
cesareobsessed Ladies, I am so sad that you are leaving us. I know we will remain friends, and that we will stay in touch, but I must admit, it will be strange not having you here. Thank you both for everything - not only all of your hard work, but your support and friendship, too. Take care, my friends.
pookiesmama You BOTH were the heart and soul of this wiki. You are and will always be appreciated.
Brooke9/7 I am deeply saddened, but I support your decision. I will miss you both! You are the heart and soul of this wiki, and thanks to your hard work it is the great site that it is. Your friend, B

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