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Below are links to history-related or favourite websites, wikis, fan sites, forums, and blogs. Please add info about your favourites below!


Three Pipe Problem - Renaissance art + history

Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Three Pipe Problem(3PP) is a site with a focus on art and history. The main periods covered are the Renaissance and Baroque, with feature articles also extending to cover classical influences from Greece and Rome, as well as later movements that were shaped by these eras. 3PP did the first art and history focused review of Assassins Creed 2, including an interview with Ubisoft artist Gilles Beloeil about his work on the AC2 project. Due to popular demand, 3PP now also features reviews of each episode of The Borgias but with an art and history focus. eg. did you know the first episode contains a reference to a Raphael painting of Giulia Farnese? However, the show depicts the artist Pinturicchio instead who did paint Giulia, but as a Madonna. Raphael painted Giulia much later, and was only 9 at the time of the first episode (1492). If you like to read about the art history side of what you see on screen, then you will enjoy 3PP's Borgias reviews.


The Tudors Wiki

Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki The official Showtime Fan Site of the hit TV series "The Tudors." The site is not only the official fan wiki and forum, it gathers historical information, images, videos, and scholarly research in one exciting place. There is something for everyone who wishes to learn about the Tudor era or the show. Join the excellent and lively discussions, debates, and research threads about the Tudors, their times, and the Protestant/Anglican Reformation. There are very knowledgeable Members and Moderators who will point you the way.



Paradoxplace is the vast website created by photographer and traveler Adrian Fletcher. His extensive travels throughout Europe have been thoroughly documented and presented for any and all who are interested. Bar None - this website is the most colorful, exciting, and amazing source for all of your European travel questions. Important places, people, eateries, hotels, maps, time-lines, family trees, and vivid histories of the places visited are all artfully presented. His site is quite a trip in itself, take a look! http://www.paradoxplace [dot] com/

Note: Mr. Fletcher's express wish is for site visitors to enjoy the experience of his content, image galleries, and commentary, however, hotlinking the site itself and any text or copyrighted photographic material is expressly prohibited. Please respect his site's requirements when using images he has displayed on his site. If they are geographical photographs, they are his own material and subject to copyright laws. If they are standard scans of artworks from museums and image databases, they are in the public domain, and are most likely found at the Web Gallery of Art website or the Wikimedia database. Please contact one of the moderators if you need help uploading images from WGA.

Woman with a Mirror (Titian)Web Gallery of Art

The premiere art research source and virtual museum with a searchable database of European painting and sculpture from 11th to mid-19th centuries. It was started in 1996 as a topical site of the Renaissance art, which originated in the Italian city-states of the 14th century and spread to other countries in the 15th and 16th centuries. Intending to present Renaissance art as comprehensively as possible, the scope of the collection was later extended to show its Medieval roots as well as its evolution to Baroque and Rococo via Mannerism. More recently the periods of Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Realism were also included.


Historum - History Forums

THE place for all historical discussion - all eras, all places, but only in English. The Moderators and Administrators are welcoming, helpful, and very knowledgable. Join up and see what you can learn.

Historum - History Forums

Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Everything you need to know about the English people and times during the Medieval, Renaissance, 17th and 18th Century period. All the leading protagonists at Court and the Church. An educational feast.


British History Online
Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

British History Online is the digital library containing some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles. Created by the Institute of Historical Research and the History of Parliament Trust, we aim to support academic and personal users around the world in their learning, teaching and research.


The Orb

Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

The following link is designed for those whose interest in the Middle Ages has been spurred by popular representations of the period in movies, television, and historical fiction. We hope they will provide some answers to perennial questions about historical accuracy and that they will lead the enthusiastic amateur to additional reading.


Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
The Sherlock Holmes Fan Wiki

The following link is to # 1 Sherlock Holmes Fan Site. For all Holmes and Watson fans it has EVERYTHING you would ever want to know about the books, short stories, films, characters, actors and lots, lots more. They have also have a roleplay. Well worth signing up.


Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wikiThe Anne Boleyn Files

The real truth about Anne Boleyn "The Most Happy"

This brilliant website has EVERYTHING you need to know about Anne Boleyn. Bios, Book Reviews, Events, Forum, Q & A, Quotes, Products and much more.


Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wikiThe Elizabeth Files

The real truth about Elizabeth

This brilliant website has EVERYTHING you need to know about Elizabeth. Bios, Book Reviews, Events, Forum, Q & A, Quotes, Products and much more.


All About Renaissance Faires

The Renaissance faires allow you to "go back in time". Faire-goers, or Rennies, enjoy dressing in the period costumes and speaking in the accent of the times (many do a very poor job at this, but they enjoy it none the less). You can find information about a Renaissance faire in a particular part of the country. There is information on the dates, the faire and contact information where available (email and phone numbers).

Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Jewels in the Jungle

Portrait of an African Man

Describing itself as "A blog focusing on viewpoints and knowledge from people around the world as we look toward Africa today." This blog has some fascinating entries about the black African presence in Europe during the Renaissance.


The National Archives|Black Presence: Asian and Black History in Britain 1500-1850

Olaudah Equiano
'Black Presence: Asian and Black History in Britain' is a partnership between The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) and the Black and Asian Studies Association (BASA), funded by the New Opportunities Fund. This exhibition appears on 'Pathways to the Past', the National Archives' website for lifelong learners. The exhibition covers Black and Asian history in Britain from 1500 to 1850.

It has many interesting entries and images with stories such as Elizabeth I's effort to expel 'blackmores' from Great Britain!


Sculpture of History's Famous and Infamous.

The Historical Figures of George Stuart.

We are delighted to share the art
George StuartAlexander VI splits the new for Spain and Portugal and his monologs
on world history. The four hundred sculptures of George Stuart are portraits of famous and infamous people of world history, who wielded
influence and power in their time, including the Tudor, Stuart, Hanover and Borgia families.

In addition to the highly realistic sculptures, the artist-historian also writes and performs monologs about the life and times of the Historical Figures. Mr. Stuart works and resides in Ojai, California and perform his monologs regularly in nearby Ventura.

The 501(c)(3) non-profit Historical Figures Foundation is dedicated to preserving and promulgating the work of George. S. Stuart. Our
site contains a comprehensive gallery of his work, media info, news
of upcoming appearances, current exhibits and newly created Figures.


Alexander VI literally draws the line in the sand that
partitions the New World for Spain and Portugal
Quarter life size sculpture by George Stuart

The Borgias Spanish Forum
Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
This is a Spanish Forum about this incredible family, and about all the Renaissance. Here we discuss books, films, al the people who share that years with the Borgias...and also the new Showtime show.


The Tudors Spanish Forum

Like the previous, this is a Spanish forum, in this case,Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki about one of the most famous dinastys in all the world. The Tudors. In it, we discuss everything about all the kings and queens of this royal house. You can find also, the first ngs and queens of this royal house. You can find also, the first spanish asociation about English Renaissance: The Rose's Court.


Historical Websites & Blogs - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

A page not to be missed by all those interested in the Borgias!
This fascinating five day holiday has been recently launched by the company The Spanish Thyme Traveller,who specialises in organising holidays for small groups in Valencia and Tereuel ,in Spain.
The Borgias Tour gives you a fascinating insight into the town and area where the infamous family came from: Xativa.( It claims to be the only town outside of Italy that has produced two popes!). Lots of history and lots of really great local food and wine. A really excellent way to experience Spain and great Borgia history .Have a look at:

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