History of the VATICAN

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History of the Vatican



History of the Vatican - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

History of the Vatican - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

History of the Vatican - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
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It is thanks to Peter, the first Apostle and the first pope and leader of the Church that the most important basilica in the Christian world, the St. Peter's Basilica, was built in Rome. Take a look at this beautiful church that houses some of the world's greatest works of art. Roman and ancient Chinese manuscripts, the love letters of Henry VIII, and the classics of history and philosophy. During the Renaissance, then, as now, the Vatican Library is one of the greatest in the Western world. Read about one of the most important museums in the history of human civilization. Here, in the Museums of the Popes of Rome, built-up and enriched over five centuries, you will be immersed in the glory of Art and of Culture put in the service of Faith.

History of the Vatican - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
History of the Vatican - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
History of the Vatican - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

The building contains the Papal Apartments, various government offices of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See, private and public chapels including the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and the Vatican Library, including the Borgia Apartments now used to house artworks. The Vatican Secret Archives, possibly the most mysterious collection of documents in the world. Here you can find; a threatening note from 1246 in which Genghis Khan’s grandson demands that Pope Innocent IV travel to Asia to ‘pay service and homage; a letter from Lucretia Borgia to Pope Alexander VI; correspondence between the Court of Henry VIII and Clement VII; and an exchange of letters between Michelangelo and Paul III. There are also letters from Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, St Bernadette, Voltaire and Abraham Lincoln. What is the history of the Catholic Church?

Catholics believe that our Lord Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church in the year 33. Jesus appointed the apostle Peter as the first vicar or pope. Read about the history of the Catholic Church to the Renaissance.

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