Housekeeping To-Do List

Housekeeping To-Dos List:

  • Add links, tags, and page descriptions to all pages that need them.
  • Always name your uploaded photos, add tags so they may be accessed when users search related terms.
  • See the Contributing to the Wiki page for technical tips, making tables, and page design ideas.
  • See the The Borgias Wiki Guidelines page for general information.

List ideas for new pages, half-completed masterpieces, and pet projects here:

Page Name/Link
Houses: Orsini adding content and images Brooke9/7 in-progress
Houses: Colonna adding content and images Brooke9/7 in-progress
Entire Site checking tags - keywords should be in lower-case, capitalize names and places All Mods in-progress
Entire Site checking page descriptions - informative but concise info about each page All Mods in-progress
New Threads, New Pages place in proper category and in proper location, make sure all pasted Wikipedia articles are labeled as such All Mods in-progress
Siena & Genoa adding content and images Brooke9/7, azuregauze, ~steph~ in-progress
Season 3 cast ### adding content and images and bios pookiesmama, all mods and members in-progress
Season 3 EPISODE RECAPS Need volunteers to write RECAPS
should be descriptions and summaries of the episodes. Just go for it!
ANYONE start April 14th after premiere

General Notes about Adding and Updating Pages:

  • Adding and updating pages is what this wiki is all about! Just search the site first to make sure a similar page doesn't already exist before creating a new one.
  • Go to Settings > Templates for your desired layout and design ideas.
  • Make sure you add very specific tags for your page content, and add links if appropriate.
  • Scroll down below the table on this page for matching Page Headers - just right click, select table, Control-C to copy table, then go to your page and Control-V to paste.
  • The New Matching Headers are also found under Settings > Templates.
  • This is a fixed-width site, please use "fit-to-page" setting when adding table.
  • If possible, try to use the invisible table lines: they are easier on the eye than lined tables
  • Please use the following RGB colors:
    • CHARACTER HEADERS - off-white - DBCECE (All text should be white or off-white)
    • ACCENTS - dark crimson - 7D020D
    • STANDARD HEADER & SYMBOLS - deep gold - 8A5A27

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