Italy from Inside

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Speaking about Renaissance, we always think of Rome and Florence.
But you all know that Italy has many other valuable cities ready to be visited and during the Renaissance they were also flourishing.

The Republic of Genoa was one of them, once very powerful, it was passing through a difficult period before coming back to its initial power and magnificence.
Now the ancient Most Serene Republic of Genoa is a cosmopolitan city still boasting the largest Italian harbour, sumptuous palaces, beautiful churches and suggestive alleys.

North of Genoa, Turin was the capital of the House of Savoy. The family had a French bent and even when it became the ruling family of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861, they used to retain French as official language at court.
The House of Savoy was already reigning over the French region bearing the same name when the Borgias reached their power. It is just in this period that the Court of Savoy retreated to Turin making it its capital until the Italian Unification in 1861.

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