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Name: “Don Micheletto” Miguel de Corella aka the Garroter, the Strangler
Position: Assassin, Borgia Family Bodyguard
Personality type: Despite intimidating appearance, he was noted as a merciful person, a fair and very nice person. Don Micheletto was a deeply religious man who absolutely believed he did the work of God when given orders from The Holy See.
Endearing trait(s): Quiet and soft spoken
Strength(s): Ruthless, loyal, covert, cruel
Weakness(es): unknown
Quirks: Joker-like scars across mouth from bandits

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Michelotto Corella

"You'll never meet another assassin like me."
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*Hired by Cesare to serve as the Borgias' enforcer, Micheletto is utterly cold and compassionless and relishes danger. Initially in the employ of Pope Alexander's chief rival Cardinal Della Rovere, he jumps at the chance to serve as God's own assassin. *Source Showtime

Born in Valencia, Spain at an unknown date and was assassinated in Milan in January, 1508. He was thought to be a bastard nephew of Rodrigo Borgia, and son of the Count of Corella.

" I think that most writers have assumed that Micheletto was Spanish, probably Catalan (which if I remember rightly is the way that Mario Puzo saw him), but Navarre at that time had a mixed Spanish/French heritage. Fifteenth century Italians tended to lump everyone from the Iberian peninsula together and call them 'Catalans', whichever kingdom they came from." - juliana-angela

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When Michelotto was young, bandits had entered his village in Spain. He stood up to the bandits, whose leader slashed him across the face, leaving his mouth in a permanent grimace. Years later when the same bandits attempted to re-enter the village, they were captured by Don Michelotto. He hung their leader from a tree. Miguel de Corella, also known as Don Michelotto, condottiere, friend, accomplice to and primary executioner for Cesare Borgia. He is said to have strangled Gaspare Malatesta aka the "Lion of Rimini" and opposer of Pope Alexander. Don Michelotto murdered Alfonso of Aragon, Duke of Bisceglie, Lucrezia's second husband. This murder was done on Cesare's orders. Don Michelotto is also responsible for the grisly murder of the poet Filofila, whom he had dismembered and delivered to the Palazzo Orsini in a bloody bag.

Shockingly but impressively, Don Michelotto strangled both Oliverotto de Farma and Vitellozzo Vitelli SIMULTANEOUSLY with a SINGLE violin wire on December 31st, 1502, at Cesare's behest.
The actual number of murders Don Michelotto had committed are unknown, but one could imagine that the amount is more than substantial.

For many years, Don Michelotto was the bodyguard of Rodrigo Borgia's children. Some historians (see below) assert that he may have been educated at The University of Pisa. Skilled in the use of a garrote, knives and torture.

"It is, furthermore, of interest to note that Don Miguel was not, in fact, some crude, uneducated butcher, but a gentleman who lived daily in the company of Cesare, with whom he would appear to have been a student at the University of Pisa, and whose friendship he enjoyed." (from "The Borgias" by Clemente Fusero).

Micheletto de Corella was hired by the Florentines in April 1506 to be the "capitano de guardia" with mounted archers and
fifty foot soldiers. Machiavelli wished to establish Florence's first "home-grown" militia. In August of 1505 the question of the appointment of Miguel de Corella as head of that militia came up. Cardinal Francesco Soderini wrote on Micheletto's behalf to his brother, the Gonfaloniere of Florence, Piero Soderini at least twice but there was stiff opposition to the appointment. When the fuss died down Machiavelli instigated the release of Micheletto from the Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome and Micheletto was hired. Micheletto was released April 1506 and signed on as the Captian of the Guard. Micheletto was still working for Florence when he signed an official letter on September 15, 1508. He signed his name Michel de Corella. No one knows when or how Micheletto died all references to his being killed in Milan are based on rumor. This information comes from Italian sources:

Sasso: "Machiavelli, Cesare Borgia, Don Micheletto e la questione della Milizia" Pg 57-117
Razzi: "Vita" pg 91 Francesco to Piero, Rome 26 August 1505 asking safe conduct for Don Miguel de Corella
Guistinian's Dispatch May 31, 1504
Villari: Machiavelli, ii. 488

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Family members:
  • None

  • Romance(s): Unknown

    Friends: The Borgias

    Enemies: Many

  • Allies: Cesare Borgia


    • Giulio Cesare da Varano, lord of Camerinoand three of his sons. (1502)
    • Gaspare Malatesta aka the "Lion of Rimini"
    • Alfonso of Aragon, Duke of Bisceglie (Lucrezia's second husband.)
    • The poet Filofila, whom he had dismembered and delivered to the Palazzo Orsini in a bloody bag.
    • Oliverotto de Fermo
    • Vitellozzo Vitelli
    • Thousands of others, unnamed, unknown

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    • "Someone as pitiless as you needs someone as pitiless as me" - Micheletto to Cesare Borgia
    • "I have smothered infants in their beds. But only when their parents paid me."
    • "Apple? or peach?" - to the maidservant Maria
    • "So whip me, my lord. . .Harder! . . Harder, my lord! . . Again! . . .Again!" - instructing Cesare Borgia in the art of whipping.
    • Everyone betrays everyone. In this Italy of ours.”
    • “You killed him with style, your eminence.” - Micheletto to Cesare
    • " Where warfare is concerned your Eminence, our good lord will take a holiday." - Micheletto to Cesare

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    • That whipping scene in the dungeon
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    How does Micheletto Corella in The Borgias compare to actual history? Compare the facts with the fiction below!
    • Called Micheletto (French diminutive of Michele)
    • Met Cesare at a banquet in Rome, 1492

    • Called Michelotto (Italian diminutive of Michele)
    • Met the Borgia family several years earlier

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