New Site Banner Competition

New Site Banner Competition - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

As promised during the past summer when we became "unofficial" we are gong to have a little
competition to replace our site banner. The one that we have now was made in a bit of a hurry.
Now that we are about to embark on another fabulous season of The Borgias we think it would
be nice to have a new banner as well.

So ... all you have to do is make a banner, upload it to this page for viewing by the member ship
and await the vote! We know that there are so many talented people on this site that have made
wonderful fan art, so this is the perfect venue for them!

The only requirement is that the size should be 1000 x 150 pix. Our present banner is a little short
as you can see.

You can make your banners now and upload them anytime. We look forward to all of your entries!!

The entries will be accepted from now until the end of February, at which time we will vote for
the winner in a poll. The poll will be up and available for voting for 2 weeks. When the winner is
announced we will put their banner up right away!

Good luck to all of you and as usual, have some fun with it !!

The Mod Squad

Entry in Banner Competition

offwithherhead #1
Banner Competition entry

offwithherhead #2
Entry for Banner Competition

offwithherhead #3
Entry for banner competition

Lucrezia_Borja #1
New Site Banner Competition - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Neta07'S Borgias Banner

The Story Continues...

ReemaReema #1
Banner The Walls Have Ears

ReemaReema #2
Banner Tools of the Trade

ReemaReema #3
Banner Flesh and Blood

ReemaReema #4
Banner Competition entry

Lucrezia_Borja #2
Site Banner Competition Entry

Lucrezia_Borja #3
Site Banner Competition entry

offwithherhead #4