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as played by Luke Pasqualino
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Name: Paolo, "Narcissus" (Lucrezia's nickname for him)
Position: Stable boy to Giovanni Sforza
Personality type: Quiet, subserviant
Endearing trait(s): Tender, affectionate, loves Lucrezia with all his heart
Strength(s): Bravery, loyalty, his silence
Weakness(es): Poverty, his love for Lucrezia, cannot read or write
Quirks: --

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Season One

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We know nothing of his background other than the fact that he is Giovanni Sforza's stable boy. He falls deeply in love with Lucrezia almost at first sight. He is aware of the abuse committed upon Lucrezia by his master, and comforts her with his presence. Francesca, Lucrezia's maidservant, is also sympathetic to Lucrezia's plight and aids Paolo in covering up an affair between the two young lovers during her life at Pesaro. When Giulia Farnese travels to Pesaro to gather knowledge of the Sforza's stance concerning an impending French invasion, she also learns of Lucrezia's pregnancy (despite Lucrezia not having taken her husband to her bed in months), and enlists Paolo to facilitate an immediate escape to Rome. When the Lord Sforza learns of the womens' escape, he whips Paolo for information, but Paolo remains steadfast and suffers without giving up their location/route.

Paolo learns that he is the father of Lucrezia's bastard son, Giovanni, and travels to Rome to see them. After a tense confrontation with Juan Borgia at the Fountain of St. Agatha, Lucrezia gives him a cryptic message in front of Juan to meet her at the fountain at midnight. After Cesare discovers her secret meeting, he arranges for a one time tryst at Vanozza's home for the next night, and Micheletto escorts Paolo to see Lucrezia and meet his son for the first, only, and last time. He leaves in the early morning hours, only to be followed by men intent on murder--hired and led by Juan Borgia, whose disgust of peasants reaches its pinnacle in dealing with "Narcissus".

He is eventually given a Christian burial. Cesare performs the rites, and both Lucrezia and Baby Giovanni give him his last kiss. Paolo, like the characters of Ursual Bonadeo and Alfonso D'Aragona, was far too innocent and "good" to survive the barbary of his time.

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Family members:

Son: Giovanni, illegitimate with Lucrezia Borgia

Romance(s): Lucrezia Borgia

Friends:Francesca the attendant/maid, Beatrice (a Roman prostitute)

Enemies:Giovanni Sforza, Juan Borgia

Allies:Giulia Farnese,Cesare Borgia, Micheletto Corella

: None

Victim(s): None, though he shouldn't have gone to Rome

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  • " lady."- Paolo to Lucrezia (Season 1 Episode 5, "The Borgias in Love")
  • "....And caught you on the chin chin chin..." - Paolo with Lucrezia (Season 1 Episode 5, "The Borgias in Love")
  • "I can neither read nor write, my Lady Lucrezia." - Paolo to Lucrezia (Season 1 Episode 6, "The French King")
  • "She is headed as far from you as possible, my lord. She can no longer stand the sight of you ... the smell of you ... the thought of you ... and nor, my lord, can I." (Season 1 Episode 8, "The Art of War")
  • "Does Rome smell?" - Paolo to a farmer while asking directions (Season 2 Episode 2, "Paolo")
  • "I have seen Heaven." - Paolo to Beatrice (Season 2 Episode 2, "Paolo")
  • "It hurts." - Paolo to Micheletto (Season 2 Episode 2, "Paolo")
  • "I would gladly die for you both." - Paolo to Lucrezia (Season 2 Episode 2, "Paolo")

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  • Playing a children's nursery rhyme/clapping game with Lucrezia in the barn (Season 1 Episode 5, "The Borgias in Love")
  • His first kiss with Lucrezia by a pond, where she gives him his nickname ("Narcissus") (Season 1 Episode 6, "The French King")
  • Being whipped by Giovanni Sforza and both refusing to reveal Lucrezia's whereabouts and insulting Sforza (Season 1 Episode 8, "The Art of War")
  • Seeing and meeting Lucrezia at the fountain on St. Agatha's Day, and almost getting murdered by Juan in broaqd daylight(Season 2 Episode 2, "Paolo")
  • Meeting his son for the first time, and spending his last hours with Lucrezia(Season 2 Episode 2, "Paolo")
  • Hanging by the neck from an arch in the marketplace (Season 2 Episodes 2 and 3, "Paolo" and "The Beautiful Deception")

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How does Paolo in The Borgias compare to actual history? Compare the facts with the fiction below!
  • Stable boy to Giovanni Sforza, Lord of Pesaro
  • Came to Rome to see his son
  • Murdered by Juan Borgia, made to look like a suicide
  • Eventually given a Christian burial and a small funeral attended only by Cesare, Lucrezia, and baby Giovanni
  • His character is based on Pedro de Calderon (Perotto), minor official in Alexander VI's household. Perotto is rumored to have been Lucrezia's lover and the father of Giovanni Borgia ("Infans Romanus"), but the evidence is lacking to support many of the theories surrounding Giovanni's origins
  • Probably remained in the pope's household until his disappearance

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