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as played by Augustus Prew
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Name: Prince Alfonso of Naples
Position: Prince, son of Ferrante, the old and dying king of Naples
Personality type: morose, aloof, snobbish, irrational
Endearing trait(s): good sense of humor
Strength(s): Extremely intelligent, well educated.
Weakness(es): a little bit 'neurotic'
Quirks: Enjoyed showing visitors his father's museum of embalmed enemy corpses

Want to meet the historical Alfonso of Naples?
Visit Alfonso II of Naples Historical Profile
for an in-depth biography
Alfonso II of Aragon, King of Naples

“When you have a paradise, you must use
every means available to defend it.”
To Cardinal della Rovere

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Season One

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Prince Alfonso, young, arrogant heir to the throne of the fair kingdom of Naples, refuses to act against the new Borgia pope and sides with them in an attempt to protect his father's rule. Shortly after Cardinal della Rovere asks him to plot against his rival, Alfonso becomes king after the death of his father King Ferrante. His political alliegance attaches the kingdom to the fortunes of the rising Borgia clan, and he gives his half-sister Sancia in marriage to young Joffre Borgia.

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Family members:
Ferdinand I, King of Naples - grandfather
Sancia of Aragon - half-sister


Friends: House of Aragon, Naples

Allies: Naples, Sancia, The Papal States



Enemies: France, Spain

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  • "The Cardinal has come to discuss the deposition of the Borgia Pope, father. Remember? Borgia? the ambitious Spaniard?" - Prince Alfonso to his father the King.
  • "Can one say a cascade of cardinals? Like a gaggle of geese, a cluster of cats, army of ants. Why not.." - Prince Alfonso to Cardinal Della Rovere.
  • "Want, want, want...everybody wants. France wants Naples. Spain wants Naples. The whole of Christendom wants the New World. And you, dear Cardinal....what do you want?" - Prince Alfonso to Cardinal Della Rovere.
  • "You see he liked to dine, when his health was still good, with those who would be considered displeasing to him. He has yet to find his Judas. So you think a pope has earned a place at this table?" - Prince Alfonso to Cardinal Della Rovere.
  • “When you have a paradise, you must use every means available to defend it.” - Prince Alfonso to Cardinal Della Rovere.
  • "Forgive me Gonfaloniere Borgia if I feed my father whilst we converse. He has so few pleasures left, but he does like his chicken!" - Prince Alfonso to Gonfaloniere Juan Borgia.

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  • Prince Alfonso reveals King Ferrante's legendary banquet room for his enemies.
  • Prince Alfonso wearing a mud mask telling off della Rovere in the sulfur baths.
  • In the episode The French King Juan goes to the Court of Naples to present the Pope's wishes for Joffre to marry Alfonso's illegitimate sister, and Alfonso brings up the fact the Juan is a b*stard and Juan takes great exception to that word.
  • While feeding his father King Ferrante, he realizes that his father has died, and he is visibly upset.
  • Season 2 - in hiding from the French army, is finally captured and brought back to Castel Nuovo to be tortured and executed
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How does Prince Alfonso of Naples in The Borgias compare to actual history? Compare the facts with the fiction below!

  • He is called Prince Alfonso of Naples
  • Brother to Sancia of Aragon
  • Depicted as a neurotic pampered prince
  • Captured and tortured by the French after the invasion and conquest of Naples
  • Not married or has any children
  • His name was Alfonso, Duke of Calabria (Ferrante's son and heir) until father's death in 1494 - then he was called King Alfonso II of Naples
  • Father of Sancia (illlegitimate daughter by one of his mistresses)
  • Was a competent commander and soldier prior to becoming king.
  • Fled Naples before the French advance and died at Messina a year later
  • Widower; Married the learned Ippolita Maria Sforza, daughter of Francesco Sforza of Milan, heir was Ferrante II and illegitimate children were Sancia and Alfonso

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booklvr44 Question about Prince Alfonso S2EP1 Spoiler (page: 1 2 3) 41 Mar 2 2013, 3:39 AM EST by juliana-angela
Thread started: Mar 30 2012, 4:47 PM EDT  Watch
Is he dead? Because the summary says that he was "tortured to death." If he is really dead, I am going to be so pissed.
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SorayaofNaples Everybody Loves Prince Alfonso 3 May 29 2011, 7:18 AM EDT by Kittywake09
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Scroll down to check out a fan video in his honor!
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booklvr44 This may be the character I look forward to seeing every week. (page: 1 2) 21 May 9 2011, 12:50 PM EDT by booklvr44
Thread started: Apr 15 2011, 4:40 AM EDT  Watch
Though I have really enjoyed meeting all the characters in the Borgias thus far, this is the first character that has really impressed me.

He may not be historically accurate, but, IMHO, he has had some of the smartest dialouge thus far and is played by a very talented actor. I think that he will be a very estimable adversary for the Borigas, and I always love well-written villans.

On a side note, is Alfonso meant to me Lucrezia's Borgia's second husband. If so, I wonder how that will turn out?
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