RE: Season Four Current Status (9.05.2013)

What Now? The Borgias Fans On Their Own Once More

Season 4 Current Status (June 2014)

By Urquheart

It's been a year since The Borgias was cancelled and by now the Borgiasfans must be getting used to surviving great losses.

SMGO was another such loss. The small platform, financially maintained by its own creators, who really worked against common business practices and against all odds really, to give fans back their favorite shows, much like the innocent souls the Borgia family encountered episode after episode, perished last week due to lack of funds. The Borgias fandom had found in SMGO not only an ally and a friend but also a compass, something to show the way, to help it focus its efforts and wait to see what happens.

Terrible as that loss was, is the Borgias fandom hopeless now?


First of all, the people behind SMGO, deeply committed to the cause and endlessly creative, remain ever our friends and are sure to continue laboring behind-the-scenes to either bring their plans to fruition, with us high in their list of priorities due to us being one of the most -if not the most- vocal fandoms they have so far collaborated with, or to build another such platform, this time improved, this time indestructible.

Regardless, for now we are once again on our own, much like the Veronica Mars fandom was before they succeeded at getting their movie or the fans of HBO's brilliant "The Comeback" before they got their, well, comeback season due to air this Fall.

At this time, we have three facts on our side:

A) We have an extremely willing team of creator and cast that have stated many times in the past that The Borgias was a high point in their careers and would love to revisit the show, if only for one last time. What is more, we know for a fact that the show has been critically and commercially successful for most of its production partners, especially the Canadian companies, and its high level of prestige could, one day soon, facilitate the decision to revive it. Some positive signs from some production companies have already been revealed but in order not to blow them out of proportion, we remain cautiously optimistic that with even more targeted lobbying we will have even more reason to cheer one day soon.

B) We have a new outlet for the show, namely Netflix, that helps, along with the feeble Showtime, to open the show to a whole new audience, create new fans, new outraged soldiers in the fight to get it uncancelled. Netflix is seriously wanting in on the original drama game and, as of right now, doesn't have a period show in its slate, while it's been known to choose its new shows based on its subscribers favourites from the already available, on-stream drama.

C) Last but not least, we live in the era when nothing actually means anything and only death is final, which doesn't always apply to show business. The rise of social media is the harbinger of change in the way pilots are greenlit or shows are cancelled. Popular demand and fan perseverance has already resulted in small wins for the Borgiasfandom (The Borgia Apocalypse, though despised by practically everyone in the fandom, is more than what fans of other cancelled shows have gotten in the past) and should it continue, there's no end to what it can achieve.

The question though remains: WHAT NOW?

With SMGO gone, there's sadly no concrete answer to that, no recipe certain to bear fruit other than to keep loving the show and exhibit that love everywhere. Watch, rewatch the show, buy its merchandise and DVD/Blu-Ray boxsets, talk about the show on social media, give it positive reviews on sites such as IMDB, Amazon and others, lobby Netflix into giving us another installment, write letters and e-mails to everyone involved with the show, even Showtime, participate in special events and campaigns to aid the cause.

The ever inventive Save The Borgias movement will keep plotting for ways to bring the show back and we will of course keep you informed, so until then brace yourselves,Borgias fans, the ride doesn't end here...