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Renaissance Funnies from the 1500's
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Weddings Most people got married in June because they took their yearly baths in May.
The Bridal Bouquet Brides really carried flowers to 'hide their body odours'.
Renaissance Sayings "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water" came from 'family bath time'! Men bathed first then the women then the children with the youngest children being bathed last using the same water.
Raining Cats & Dogs The saying "It is raining cats and dogs" came from a play The City Wit written in 1652 by Richard Brome. The roofs of most houses back then were thatched and all sorts of animals snuggled in the thatch to keep warm from the heat rising upward. Whenever it rained all sorts of animals fell down through the thatch including cats and dogs.
Canopy Beds
Canopy beds were designed and used mainly to keep things from falling on people while they slept.
Nursery Rhymes The rhyme "Peas porridge hot..peas porridge cold..came from the peasants during theRenaissance period. (there is some doubt about this as some believe the term porridge did not come into use until much later).
Bring Home the Bacon When visitors came over to visit people hung bacon up to 'show off the bacon'. Though some say the actual saying did not originate until the 1700's. But saying or not, it did originate in the Renaissance Period.
Upper Crust The term 'Upper Crust' did really originate during the Renaissance. Bread was given out according to status. The poor got the bottom and burnt portions while the rich got the better part and the upper crust of the bread.
Saved by the bell The phrase 'saved by the bell' came from early boxing days! When a fighter was saved from further punishment by the bell.
Airplanes Leonardo da Vinci drew a picture of a flying machine in 1492.
Lucky Charms Horseshoes, clover, iron and silver were considered lucky charms.
Eclipse An Eclipse was considered a bad omen.
The 7th son It was believed that the 7th son of a 7th son had supernatural powers.
Spilling salt Spilling salt was considered bad luck mainly because salt and other spices were so expensive.
Black cats A black cat crossing your path was bad luck mainly because black was associated with evil.
Nursery Rhymes 2 While this preceded the renaissance, the game "ring around the rosie" related to death by plague, where flowers hid the odor and when we all fall down our dead bodies were burned.

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