Renaissance Italy: CHRISTMAS TIME

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Green, white and red the national colours of Italy are the
traditional colours of Christmas also!! It may not be a
surprise that Christmas may have originated in Italy!

Renaissance Italy: Christmas Time - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Adoration of the Magi by Filippino Lippi

Buon Natale

In the third and fourth centuries the Catholic Church found itself in fierce competition with popular pagan religions and mystery cults, most of them involving sun worship. From the middle of December through the first of January, Romans would engage in feasts and drunken revelry, paying homage to their gods.
In A.D. 274, Emperor Aurelian decreed that December 25th a festival honouring the sun god Mithras. Christians
challenged paganism directly.

The Nativity Scene

St Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the very first Nativity scene. In 1223 near Greccio, Italy.
The living Nativity scene was staged in a cave near Greccio using humans and animals cast in the Biblical roles. Pope Honorus III gave a blessing to the exhibit.
Such pantomimes became hugely popular through our Europe.
Within a hundred years from the first nativity scene every Church in Italy was expected to have a Nativity scene at Christmastime.
Eventually statues replaced human and animal participants and the nativity scene grew.

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