Renaissance Men

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There are a few things that can be said of the life of a Renaissance man, whether he came from humble means or from a wealthy family house. One of these things is simplicity...simplicity in the running of the family home. Even in the home of Lorenzo de Medici, there was no formality in the seating at the table,as seats were occupied as the family came to the table.

Renaissnce Family

Even though life could be said to be simple, there was no doubt that the man was definitely the head of the household. The wife was in charge of the house, but the husband was in charge of everything else in their lives. In wealthy families the father was the true definition of patriarch. The house were large and this was to accommodate an ever increasing family. As sons would marry, they would remain in the family home with their families.

The Gonzaga Family

A Renaissance man often had very caring relationships with his wife and his children. Even though most marriages were arranged, they were no less happy than those that were not arranged.

A Renaissance Marriage

Renaissance men took great pride in their look and their clothing. Their clothes were often very elaborate, with some choosing to use color very liberally. Both men and women would wear jewellery, so much so that there were laws made to limit the extravagance of these adornments.

"Portrait of a Man" by Bartolomeo Veneto

Renaissance Men...The Artists!

Who better defines what we think of The Renaissance than the artists. When you think of the Renaissance, no doubt you have the picture of one of the works of art of one of these men....da Vinci, Botticelli, Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo, Lippi, Bellini, Giorgione, and del Sarto. There are many more artists that helped to define this period, and these are just a few of them. Artwork changed as did the themes of artwork, and we are the ones to have benefited from their new visions and techniques.

Renaissance Men...The Popes!

Another group of men that have defined the Renaissance are the Popes of that time. They are responsible for much of the politics...much of the art commissioned at the time...and much of the scandal of that period. In short, they have made the Renaissance a time worth remembering!

Renaissance Men...The Powerful Families!

When you think of the Renaissance you can't help but think of the powerful families that ruled all of the City-States in Italy. Within this group you will find power, politics, intrigue, murder, and yes, much change and good!

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