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What did people do during the Renaissance for fun?
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Tennis Tennis was played indoor and outdoors. The grass tennis court was created in 1591. The tennis ball was made with leather and stuffed with hair.
Bowls Lawn Bowling. King Henry VIII had the first bowling alley built at Hampton Court.
Shuttlecock Similar to badminton.
Attend the theatre Ladies may attend but were usually covered with masks. The first English playhouse was opened in 1576.
Wrestling There were reports that Cesare Borgia (in disguise) often challenged local boys to a wrestling match. It was also noted that he oftentimes won easily.
Card games & chess
Embroidery and gossip A common pastime for all ladies of the Renaissance era
Games like Primero, Tarroco, or Trumps
Hunting A favourite of Pope Leo X and King Henry VIII. Pope Leo was especially criticized for his hunting boots as the lay people could not kiss his feet while he was wearing them. Whole parks were circled off for the Pope and his relations to hunt and entertain themselves in the lands surrounding Rome.

Women participated in the hunt as well. Beatrice d'Este, duchess of Milan was an exceptional shot, brave, and nearly lost her life after being attacked by a raging boar (or stag). Her daring companions resued her, and she laughed the danger off as if she thrived on the chase and its very real dangers.
Card games & chess Games like Primero, Tarroco, or Trumps.
Dance lessons and dancing The nobility spent many hours learning and practicing new dances, many of which were invented and memorialized for special occasions
Music lessons, Singing
Visit the bear pit
Reading and writing letters
Writing and discussing poetry
Having your fortune told The first tarot deck is actually a set of playing cards in faces, trumps, and pips depicting scenes from the 14th and 15th century Visconti-Sforza courts of Milan. Mazzi Visconti-Sforza.
Playing Dice Dicing.
Playing Hazard Like playing Craps.
Go to the Bawdy House Common words used for brothels and prostitutes were Bawdy House, Stew, Drab and a Punk.
Horseback riding
Carnevale Usually occurs in the days preceding Lent and culminating in Shrove Tuesday where the festivities were the most ribald, Carnevale was a time for people to let loose and ignore the usual social conventions, usually under a mask. In Rome, Carnevale is celebrated with parades, dances and masquerades. During this time, servants became masters and masters were disguised as servants. It is still celebrated in most Roman Catholic nations today.
Bull Fights Imported from Spain, bull fighting was especially popular during the reign of Pope Alexander VI due to the influx of Spanish nobility into Rome.Cesare Borgia was said to be particularly adept at this sport.