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Name: Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI
Position: Pope Alexander VI from 1492 - 1503
Personality type: Ruthless, charming, dangerous, highly intelligent
Endearing trait(s): loves his children
Strength(s): administrative genius, skilled at diplomacy
Weakness(es): women, luxury, excess

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Rodrigo Borgia - Pope Alexander VI

"What Rome needs now is... power"

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Season One
Season Two

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The head of the Borgia clan is an interesting dichotomy of a man. Both ruthlessly ambitious and utterly devoted to his family, he uses his position in the Catholic church to acquire power, influence and wealth. He is incredibly shrewd and manages to outmaneuver his rivals at every turn. But he also enjoys the carnal pleasures of life, particularly the company of beautiful women, and this leaves him open to his enemies. *Source Showtime

The brilliant administrator and Vice Chancellor of the Curia ascends the throne of St Peter and immediately sets about ordering his own house. Juan is promoted to Captain General of the Papal Armies and his plans are laid for the legal elevation of his own illegitimate son to the cardinalate. Lucrezia's value as a marriage pawn leads the pope to a union with one of the most powerful clans in Italy, the Sforza of Milan.

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Family members:
Sons Cesare Borgia, Juan Borgia and Joffre Borgia, Daughter Lucrezia Borgia

Mistress, Vanozza Dei Cattanei who was the mother of four of Rodrigo's children (although rumoured not the father of Joffre)
Mistress, Giulia Farnese, Bianca Gonzaga (noblewoman), Vittoria (painter's apprentice)


Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, Charles VIII of France

Season 1: Cardinal Ascanio Sforza, helped secure the other cardinal's votes at the Conclave of 1492. His alliance changed to enmity later.

Season 2:


Victim(s): Prince Djem (at the hands of his sons, by his orders)

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  • " The well been of the curia is of the greatest importance, as by Chancellor their health is my concern" - to Burckart
  • " Cry alone is just silence of God as your witness." - Pope Alexander to Cesare.
  • " We have been entrusted with the keys to his kingdom." - Pope Alexander to Cesare.
  • " You are so beautiful, Giulia Farnese". " I would have you painted". -Pope Alexander to Giulia
  • " The vultures are circling our family, our Rome. We most protect our self." Pope Alexander to Cesare
  • "But I can assure you my dear son, is not a drop of Jewish blood on you." - Pope Alexander to Juan
  • " Maybe is time for the good Cardinal's collar to be replaced." - Pope Alexander to Cesare
  • " You would not ask again!!! you know the nature of these arrangements" - Pope Alexander to Cesare
  • "Perhaps we should offer them an excommunication, public burning, if they support our just cause". - Pope Alexander to Juan and Cesare.
  • "Nothing, A am afraid is not an option my dear son" - Pope Alexander to Juan.
  • “Love will not save us, Cesare. Politics just might.” – Pope Alexander VI to Cesare.
  • “Whom can I trust, in this charnel house called Rome?” – Pope Alexander VI.
  • "You can poison a rat, you can poison a rabid dog not the Vicar of Rome...not the heir of Saint Peter " - Pope Alexander VI to Cesare.
  • "You have no experience in battle my son!!" - Pope Alexander to Cesare.
  • "We are facing a battle for our very survival!!!!"- Pope Alexander to Cesare.
  • " They're like rats, my son, deserting a sinking ship. Thus, our savior was abandoned by his apostles in his hour of greatest need." Pope Alexander VI to Cesare about the people leaving Rome
  • "God. We thank God. For all of the blessings He has visited on this our family…”
  • "Display has its purpose but simplicity must rule our hearts. We are all of us naked before god". – Pope Alexander VI to King Charles VIII
  • "This is the chair of Saint Peter, we are the voice of the leaving God" - Pope Alexander to the College of Cardinals
  • "The Pope of Rome, should stay in Rome, in the Vatican in Saint Peter's,and he have every confidence of the college of Cardinals shall do so." - Pope Alexander to the college of Cardinals

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  • Rodrigo Borgias's coronation in The Poisoned Chalice to become Pope Alexander VI.

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How does Rodrigo Borgia in The Borgias compare to actual history? Compare the facts with the fiction below!
  • Was prepared to have a truce with Orsini, and did not know Cesare had Orsini poisoned at he banquet
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  • Had cardinal Orsini's titles nullified and lands confiscated and given to Cesare (1503), and had him imprisoned him in the Castel Sant'Angelo for treason, and is thought to have had him poisoned, as Orsini died in prison
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