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Characters - The Borgias Fan Wiki

Characters - The Borgias Fan Wiki

Name: Sean Harris
Nicknames: 'Bomber' Harris - given to him on the set of "Outlaw".
Date of Birth: 1966
Home town: Bethnal Green, London
Family: Known to be a shy, private man.
Education: London Drama Centre
Hobbies: Acting
Charities/Causes: Unknown
Motto: "I like the idea of playing people outside of society. That's where I tend to be drawn." - Angel magazine, April 2008.
Websites: IMDb page

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Characters - The Borgias Fan Wiki
Sean began his career in theatre, playing young juvenile roles such as Tybalt and Lysander, mostly with provincial theatre companies around Britain. After making appearances in many established British TV series, such as "Minder", "The Bill", "Judge John Deed" and "Kavanagh QC", usually as young ne'er do wells and troubled teenagers, Sean got his 'big break' in 2002 as the iconic Ian Curtis in Michael Winterbottom's film "24 Hour Party People".

In 2006, he took on the role of serial killer Ian Brady in the BAFTA award winning TV drama: "See No Evil: The Moors Murders". Despite the project being supported by the victims' families, inevitably the production still attracted controversy. Controversial or not, "See No Evil" went on to scoop not only a BAFTA TV award for Best Drama Serial, but also South Bank Award for Best Drama. Sean made a rare appearance at both ceremonies to accept the awards.

Sean's appearance in the first series of "Ashes to Ashes" (2008) firmly established him as Arthur Layton, the man who shot Alex Drake, sending her into 'police limbo'. Although he appeared in the first and last episodes of the first series, it was disappointing that Sean never got to play Layton again.
In 2009, Sean bought two equally memorable characters to cinema and television: the skanky drug dealer Stretch in "Harry Brown", and the equally amoral and corrupt policeman with a unforgettable hobby, Bob Craven in "Red Riding".

Bio complied by Rosie (Rosie1969) & Louise (Yeltzy), ©2010
Apologies for any discrepancies. If anything is incorrect, please send me a personal message via this board, or by email: and I will be happy to correct it.

Characters - The Borgias Fan Wiki


  • Prometheus - (2012) - Fyfield
  • A Lonely Place To Die - (2010) - Mr Kidd
  • Brighton Rock - (2010) - Hale
  • Native Son - <Short> - (2010) - John
  • Harry Brown - (2009) - Stretch
  • Saxon - (2007) - Eddie Pierce
  • The Prince <Short> - Sean
  • Outlaw - (2007) - Simon Hillier
  • Isolation - (2005) - Jamie
  • Brothers Of The Head - (2005) - Nick Sidney
  • Frozen - (2005) - Hurricane Frank
  • Asylum - (2005) - Nick
  • Creep - (2004) - Craig
  • Trauma - (2004) - Roland
  • The Hare <Short> - Bourne
  • True Love (Once Removed) <Short> - Steven
  • Pay Day <Short>
  • 24 Hour Party People - (2002) - Ian Curtis
  • Tom & Thomas - (2002) - Kevin
  • The Discovery Of Heaven - (2001) - Bart Bork
  • The Fabulous Bilsons <Short> - Perry
  • Nicotine Yellow <Short> - Diggie
  • Wet Work <Short> - Sean
  • Hothouse <Short> - Cheddar
  • Two Halftimes to Hell <Short>
  • The Borgias - (2011) - Micheletto
  • Five Daughters - (2010) - Brian Tobin - Episodes: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
  • Law & Order: UK - (2009) - Roland Kirk - Episode: 'Community Service'
  • Red Riding - (2009) - Bob Craven - Episodes: 'In The Year Of Our Lord 1974 'In The Year Of Our Lord 1980', 'In The Year Of Our Lord 1983'
  • Svengali - (2009) - <Internet> - Anton Blair - Episode 3 'Live At The Foundry, Part 1'
  • Waking The Dead - (2008) - Radovan Sredinic - Episodes: 'Pieta, Part 1', 'Pieta Part 2'
  • Ashes To Ashes - (2008) - Arthur Layton - Episodes: 1.1, 1.8
  • Cape Wrath aka Meadowlands - (2007) - Ormond - Episodes: Pilot, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6
  • Wedding Belles - (2007) - Adrian Collins
  • See No Evil: The Moors Murders - (2006) - Ian Brady
  • Strange - (2003) - Robin Thomas - Episode: 'Asmoth'
  • The Vice - (2003) - Miles Wilson - Episode: 'Control'
  • Judge John Deed - (2002) - Gerry Hewitt - Episode: 'Political Expediency'
  • The Bill - (1994) - Matthew - Episodes: 'Business As Usual'
  • (1997) - Stuart Kennedy - 'Dial 'M' For Marmalade'
  • (2002) - Russell Hines '023'
  • The Hunt - (2001) - Clem Mackie
  • Casualty - (2000) - Tim Vanner - Episode: 'Starting Over'
  • Jesus - (1999) - Thomas
  • Kavanagh QC - (1998) - Mark Holmes - Episode: 'Care In The Community'
  • A Mug's Game - (1996) - Con
  • The Vet - (1995) - Neil Fairbrother - Episode: 'Home Truths'
  • Signs And Wonders - (1995) - Carl Maynard
  • Minder - (1994) - Dean Cropper - Episode: 'Bring Me The Head Of Arthur Daley'
  • The Pleasure Man - <Edgar/Tom Arnold> - (Glasgow Citizens)
  • Angels Rave On - <Johnny> - (Nottingham Playhouse)
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream - <Lysander> - (Leicester Haymarket)
  • Don Juan - <Carino> - (Glasgow Citizens)
  • Romeo and Juliet - <Tybalt> - (Glasgow Citizens)
  • Soldiers - <Ramier> - (Glasgow Citizens)
  • Chatsky - <Peter> - (Glasgow Citizens)
Big break:
  • Ian Curtis, the ill-fated singer of Joy Division in the film '24 Hour Party People'. (2002)
Best known for:

  • Ian Curtis '24 Hour Party People'. (2002)
  • Ian Brady: 'See No Evil: The Story of the Moors Murders' (2006)
  • Arthur Layton: 'Ashes to Ashes', Series 1 (2008)
  • Nominated in 2003 for a Chlotrudis Award for Best Supporting Actor - '24 Hour Party People' - (2002)
  • Won Royal Television Society Best Actor Award in March 2011 for his role in Five Daughters.
  • Won Best Actor for Mr Kidd in a Lonely Place To Die award at 2011 Fantastic Festival.
Upcoming projects:
  • Prometheus - (2012) - tbc directed by Ridley Scott will play Fifield.
  • '71 - 2014 at the Berlin Film Festival - will play Captain Sandy Browning
  • Jamaica Inn - for the BBC - will play Joss Merlyn
  • Deliver Us From Evil - release date July 2, 2014
  • White - a Short film by Sean Harris and Montserrat Lombard - tentative release date October 2014
  • Imager - feature film written by Sean Harris and Montserrat Lombard - 2015


Characters - The Borgias Fan Wiki
  • "It's not that I love playing dark roles, it's what the industry sees me as. I don't get to kiss the girl very much - I get to kill her". Angel magazine, April 2008
  • "I like the idea of playing people outside of society. That's where I tend to be drawn." - Angel magazine, April 2008.
  • "I haven't ever carried a film before. I don't think I'm charismatic enough." - littlewhitelies magazine, 2008
  • "I get very bored because all I really want to do is act."
  • --
  • --


Characters - The Borgias Fan Wiki
  • Doesn't drink or smoke.
  • Appeared in the video for Mark Ronson's song "Stop Me", 2007
  • For his role in "Creep", Sean spent eight hours in the make-up chair. He called it his 'eight hours preparing time'.
  • When he was cast as Brian Tobin ( co-founder and director of the Iceni Project, a drugs support group, in Ipswich, Suffolk) for BBC's 'Five Daughters', Sean shadowed the real Tobin as part of the year long research by the project team.
  • Was suffering from flu during filming for "24 Hour Party People".
  • Whilst filming "Saxon" on a run-down housing estate due for demolition, Sean wanted to squat in one of the empty flats to help get further into character - but the Health and Safety people took a very dim view of this!
  • The same happened on "Outlaw", when Sean wanted to sleep in the office/bedroom created for his character, Simon Hillier. Alas, Health and Safety again took a dim view of Sean's plan and refused permission.
  • A fight-scene with Sam Riley for "Brighton Rock" led to the glorious spectacle of two Ian Curtises slugging it out for supremacy under a pier: the wrong Ian Curtis wins, btw...
  • "Point Break" is one of his favourite films.

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