September 2010

The Borgias  Chronicles


Emmanuelle Chriqui Joins The Cast


Emmanuelle ChriquiEntourage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui has reportedly been added to the cast of The Borgias. According to TV Guide, she will appear in at least three episodes.

Chriqui will play "a Neapolitan princess called Sancia who marries the youngest Borgia son Joffre (Aidan Alexander). However, she is reportedly attracted to another member of the family."

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Derek Jacobi to Star in I, Claudius Radio Show


Derek JacobiBorgias actor Derek Jacobi has signed up for an I, Claudius radio program on BBC's Radio 4. He will play the title character, just as he did in the original 1976 television series.

If you aren't familiar with the classic series, I, Claudius tells the history of Rome from the perspective of the elderly Claudius.

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Keep Up-To-Date With The Borgias TEXT Alerts


The Borgias Chronicles - THE  BORGIAS   wikiShowtime has added The Borgias to their roster of Showtime text updates. If you want to receive the latest info about the upcoming series, text:

BORGIAS to 74688.

They stated that they will send up to three messages a week! This applies to US residents only, but don't worry we'll keep you in the know and post all of The Borgias update texts here on The Borgias Chronicles!

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Three New Teaser Promos Released


The Official Borgias Showtime home page is expanding. They've added three new teaser promos and we've got them here for your viewing pleasure!

(These videos may be region blocked depending on your country. We will update these with YouTube videos once we get replacements.)


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Devout Daughter: Devious Daughter. Lucrezia Borgia

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