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Wiki Member Reason For Joining Team Joffre Borgia / Aidan Alexander
MadonHistory I joined Team Joffre because I love his innocent look but watch those eyes they say a 1000 words!! They way his voice cracked when he said to his mother 'I will only marry once' once Juan is teasing him about the qualities of his wife to be. The way his portrayed his nervousness on his wedding night to the pages. The interaction between him & his siblings The touching scene with his father. As his character, anxious not to displease & to answer correctly during the geographyy lesson, but clearly pleased to have time with his father. Again, those eyes told a thousand words when Sancia came into his bedroom! Lovely portrayal on the youngest brother. Can't wait how he develops in series 2! Adorable!
RoyalDynasty666 I joined team Joffre because I always find historical characters who are either "hidden" from history or do not get enough spotlight as others do. He certainly has the Borgia look. I'm anxious to see how his character develops in season 2!
ALW068 the reason why I joined is because I think learning about the borgias is cool plus I think that Joffre is cool and has good personality.