Team Micheletto Corella / Sean Harris

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Team Michelotto Corella / Sean Harris

Welcome to Team Michelotto Corella / Sean Harris!!

For all the fans of Michelotto / Sean, you are in the right place. Below is a list of the members of this fine team. Want to join?....just add your name! Be sure to tell us why you decided to joined. All you have to do is click on the EasyEdit button and add your name.

Feel free to add content to create team pages worthy of this fine character/actor. Above all, enjoy!
Wiki Member Reason For Joining The Team
Megmaniac i joined this team because i think Sean Harris is a great actor and have done for many years. i also joined because micheletto is cool. Everybody needs a micheletto to solve their little problems!
Psychodahlia I joined this team because Micheletto is my favorite character (I like 'em psychotic) and Sean Harris sends shivers down my spine.
MadonHistory Casting was spot on! Sean Harris plays 'sinister' so well. Do we know know how loyal micheletto actually is - If he gets a better offer, will he be off? Can't wait for series 2
Rosie (Rosie1969) Wow! Can't believe I've missed this page. lol Huge Harris fan of several years. Absolutely blown away by yet another stellar performance by him, but then I'm not surprised because everything he does puts him head and shoulders above the rest of the cast. As ever he delivers the unsettling menace, and 150% commitment to anothr unforgettable role. Viva Micheletto!
Kittywake09 It has been a pleasure to watch Sean as Micheletto, he has been a surprise hit and I would say one of the best character of Season 1. I missed him when he was missing from episodes or had small scenes. I want to know more about this character, and although a ruthless murderer there is a vulnerability that Sean has added to the character of Micheletto. Roll on Season 2, more Micheletto.
TudorAddict007 Sean Harris!!! What can I say that hasn't already been said. He plays a quiet yet ruthless assassin very well!! Micheletto & Cesare bromance is brillant!!I Great on screen chemistry he has with Francois Arnaud. I simply cannot wait for more!!!!
AtrocityExhibition Wow! Never thought I would find other Sean Harris fans! I've been a huge fan for a while now, and think his portrayal of Micheletto is fantastic! Like said before, the relationship between Cesare and Micheletto is both fascinating andexhilarating. For Season 2, more Micheletto would be great!
GirlofCelje Was watching Red Riding cause I like Anthony Flanagan and then I saw Sean Harris.And then I remember I had seen him in Isolation .I hope the character Micheletto will get lots of time in pt 2 He is a great actor even when in yucky roles like Creep and Harry Brown
Judithck Thank goodness he's back! I've spent the past year trying to get my hands on everything Sean Harris has ever been seen in. I think he's a rare talent with many faces. I first saw him on the Borgias Season 1 and I've been hooked on him ever since! Season 2 seems promising in that we may see and hear more from him. I keep hoping for another feature film for him like 'Saxon'!!
Yeltzy Been a fan for years, & especially love him in "Saxon". :¬) Eddie is such a wonderful character - it would be nice to see Sean play more roles like this, but I'm just happy for him to be working! :¬D
Prairiegirl Well done Sean Harris as always..have been a fan since seeing 24 Hour Party People. Looking forward to Season 3 and how they play out the relationship between Cesare and Micheletto. To the person who asked how loyal Micheletto would actually be if offered a better gig..the real Micheletto was tortured by Pope Julius II (Cardinal Della Rovere) in the Castel Sant' Angelo and never uttered a word! That's loyalty!