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judithck Sean as Fifield in 'Prometheus' 2012 How different Sean Harris looks! Here he plays Fifield in Ridley Scott's Prometheus. The man never ceases to amaze, shock and awe me with his excellent performances!

Kittywake09 Sean as Mr Kidd in Lonely Place to Die

Sean as Mr Kidd in
A Lonely Place to Die
This film will be released in UK
September 2011

Review submitted by megmaniac

Megmaniac Bob Craven in Red RidingTeam Sean Harris - Past/Present Projects/Reviews - THE  BORGIAS   wiki Sean Harris plays corrupt cop Bob Craven in this three part British drama. The story line is a bit hard to swallow, but it is a very well made drama with lots of brilliant actors throughout. I recommend everyone watches it.

Kittywake09 Sean as Bob Craven in Red Riding
Team Sean Harris - Past/Present Projects/Reviews - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
This was a brilliant drama. Uncomfortable to watch at times espcially Sean's Bob Craven. A stellar cast including Sean Bean, David Morrisey, Maxine Peake and many more. Highly recommended.

Megmaniac SEAN HARRIS 24 hour party peopleSEAN HARRIS 24 hour party people This film is about music mogul Tony Wilson. It charts his early career when he was a reporter, but he also discovered bands in the Manchester area. Sean Harris plays Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division. It shows his struggles and medical problems he suffered with up until he committed suicide. It's quite a sad story, until the Happy Mondays make an appearance!

Psychodahlia Sean Harris as Eddie in 'Saxon'
Team Sean Harris - Past/Present Projects/Reviews - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Mr. Harris gave an outstanding performance in 'Saxon'. His comedic side shined in this film, but my favorite parts were the dramatic scenes. The parts where Eddie's with his mother damn near broke my heart and solidified Sean Harris as one of my favorite actors. I haven't wanted to give a fictional character a hug so badly since 'Wall-E'.

AtrocityExhibition Sean as Simon Hillier in 'Outlaw'
This was such an outstanding performance from Mr Harris, as usual. His portrayal of the 'mental' security guard, Simon showed Sean in a different light as an actor, as the character was very multidimensional. Although he had a want for violence, he also seemed like a very friendly man with his heart in the right place. This was shown through him offering his help and services to men who he knew were in desperate need. A must see, definitely one of Sean's better performances. A truly outstanding actor!

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