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The Borgias Characters

Create a DREAM CAST for the SHOWTIME series THE BORGIAS!

Who would be your ideal actor or actress for each member of the Borgia family?
Who could play an arch enemy? Who would be the the sultry mistress?
Jump in and give us your opinion.
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Who would you choose?

Pope Alexander VI

Who would be your choice to play Rodrgio Borgia other than Jeremy Irons?

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1. Alan Rickman. I love this guy even more than Jeremy Irons. He is just so versatile. ~offwithherhead~

2. Christoph Waltz- albeit he's Austrian he's excellent at mimicking accents, including Italian. A brilliant Oscar winning actor who is approximately the right age and is acceptable eye candy for women who like older men.- milkofhumankindness
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

3. Javier Bardem - Spanish Actor (No Country For Old Men) he was sinister and menacing in this role and his hairstyle was the creepiest I have seen on a man ever. Handsome in real life though, he got the girl, he got Penelope Cruz. (Kittywake09)

4. I prefer Jeremy Irons but second I would choose Colin Firth who SHOULD have won an Oscar third Gabriel Byrne

5. Alfred Molina- I just re-watched The Da Vinci Code He'd be great! (angelosdaughter)

6. James Gandolfino (Kittywake09)

7, Agree - James Gandolfini. A fine actor with lots of presence and he looks like the portraits (Juliana-Angela)

8. I have to go for Alan Rickman as well, he is a fantastic actor although I am positive Jeremy Irons will do the role justice - coronation

9. Brendan Gleeson (In Bruges, Braveheart, Into the West, Cold Mountain, Harry Potters) He plays the good guy so well, but we saw how evil he was in Cold Mountain... He'd be a great Roddy [LaProv]
Brendan Gleeson as Rodrigo

10.Jeremy Irons is more than I could hope for but Anthony Hopkins, even though he is a little old for the part would also be ideal, with his quiet and menacing attitude. (Urquheart)

11. Ciaran Hinds. (Megmaniac)
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

12. Brian Cox, (maybe not better) - could do it...he can exude cleverness and duplicity, and yet be amiable, friendly - a charmer

13.Alfred Molina - ( Poncianito) Alfred Molina in Columbia Pictures' The Da Vinci Code

Alfred Molina in Columbia Pictures' The Da Vinci Code - 2005
Lucrezia Borgia

Who would you love to see in the role of Lucrezia?

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1. Anita Briem- beautiful, looks similar to Lucrezia, has fair curly hair, versatile actress who has done this sort of series before (The Tudors) and is a successful blockbuster actress- milkofhumankindness
Anita Briem

(Anita Briem as Jane Seymour in the Tudors)

2. Salma Hayek. I think she would be awesome in this role. ~offwithherhead~

3. Abby Cornish of "Elizabeth The Golden Age" - angelosdaughter

4. Sophie Marceau - I know she is French but I have seen her play meek and submissive and nasty and erratic. Very beautiful actress. (Kittywake09)

5. Scarlett Johansson

6. Natalie Dormer I believe she would shine even more on this. (I agree! -Brooke9/7)

7. Diane Kruger

8. Tamzin Merchant

9. Christina Hendricks -She is an amazing actress and the hottest thing to come out of Hollywood with a very natural and unique beauty!

10. Maria Doyle Kennedy - I really miss her on The Tudors

11. Monica Bellucci - sooo beautiful, and Italian! (CicaB)

12. Claire Danes (Kittywake09)

13. Polly Walker, she played Atia in Rome need I say more lol!! -Coronation

14. Clémence Poésy [Harry Potters, In Bruges, BBC’s Gunpowder Treason and Plot (played Mary Queen of Scots], War and Peace) She has such a compelling face, would be a great Lucrezia [LaProv]
Clemence Poesy would be  Good Lucrezia

15. I have to say I think Kerry Condon would also have been great in this role, she played Octavia in HBO's Rome.

16. Marion Cotillard [Soraya of Naples]
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

17. Drea De Matteo would make an amazing Lucrezia.
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki


Cesar Borgia

Who would you like to see in the role of Cesare Borgia?

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1.Bobby Cannavale It would be nice to see someone of Italian descent in the role. Cesare was handsome, swarthy, and half Italian. - angelosdaughter

2.Michael Wincott, also part Italian, and he has a wonderfully menacing air about him. He was the evil Spanish hidalgo Adrian di Moxica in "1492: The Conquest of Paradise". See him with long , flowing hair in full armor on horseback in this movie on YouTube.- angelosdaughter

3. John Caviezel

4. Gaspard Ulliel- ignore the fact that he's French he's a wonderful, versatile actor who can play charming but ruthless men (e.g Hannibal Lecter). He is also very handsome, seductive looking and good eye candy.- milkofhumankindness
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

5. Colin Farrell

6. Johnny Depp - he does debauched libertine very well plus he is super sexy (Kiittywake09)

7. James Purefoy - he was rampant as Mark Antony in Rome (Kittywake09)........... - I second this one! ~offwithherhead~ - I absolutly third this one!! Would make my day - coronation

8. Orlando Bloom (RoyalDynasty666)
Orlando Bloom

9. Paul Telfer - from Hercules
Paul Telfer as Cesare

10. Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Clash of Titans) I'd like to see him in an historic characterization where more subtlety and nuance is needed over action [LaProv]
Sam Worthington

11. Max Minghella- from (Agora and The Social Network) he's a awesome actor and his handsome looks would make him good for the part. (RoyalDynasty666) max minghella

12. Ewan McGregor. (Urquheart)

Lucky Number 13:
Leonardo DiCaprio. C'mon, now. Who else could rock Renaissance Rome like this guy? (Ségolène)


14. Christian Bale. Phwoaaarrr!!! (Megmaniac)

The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

15. Michael Copon
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

16. Henry Cavill, might be a good choice, having the charm, needing the beard and donning appropriate attire, and with a bit more edgyness, and ;ack of scruple. (Agree though, Depp could do it)

17.Henry Cavill -( Poncianito ) henry cavill tudors 225x300 Henry Cavill is Superman

isabella d'este

Who would you like to see in the role of Isabella

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1. Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under
Lauren Ambrose
2. Cate Blanchett - angelosdaughter

3. Sarah Bolger from The Tudors

4. Angelina Jolie... (Changeling, Beyond Borders, Mighty Heart, Good Shepherd) Like her or not, she is a compelling presence Very Sophia Loren-like, with Audrey Hepburn altruism--I'd like to see her do ruthless historical politics, and would be believable as foe to Cesare-- as well as I'd like to see her in ensemble acting. [LaProv]
Angelina Jolie as Isabella d'Este

5. Sienna Guillroy from "Helen of Troy" she's a beautiful actress and has played great roles especially in "Eragon" I'd think she'd be a good candidate for the part. (RoyalDynasty666)
sienna guillroy

6. Natalie Dormer would be good for the part. She was great as Anne Boleyn on The Tudors (RoyalDynasty666)

7. Perdita/Honeysuckle Weeks- both sisters are exceptional actresses that can do the whole age range between them and so they can age the character convincingly, no bad make up or dramatic actress switching here. I think Perdita resembles the younger Isabella a bit too. - milkofhumankindness

The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

8. Rosamund Pike - You may remember her from Pride and Prejudice, and I think her beauty would be perfect for Isabella.
Rosamund Pike


File:Alfonso I d'Este.jpg

Who would you like to see in the role of Alfonso d'Este?

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1. John Rhys-Davies

2. Alfred Molina (Kittywake09)

3. Antonio Banderas!

4. John Malkovich

5. Raoul Bova (Brooke9/7)
raoul bova

6. Dominic West - fine actor (Kittywake09)

7. Guy Pearce (The Proposition, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Memento, LA Confidential) Great actor, and a face you can't help but remember! [LaProv]
Guy Pearce

8. Rufus Sewell (Kittywake09)
Rufus Sewell

9. Gabriel Byrne [Soraya of Naples]
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere

Who would you like to see in the role of Giuliano della Rovere?

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1. If we were seeing him as Pope, Christoper Lee, but he'll only be a Cardinal at this time-angelosdaughter

2. Daniel Day-Lewis.

3. Alan Rickman - Anatkh

4. Anthony Hopkins (RoyalDynasty666)

5. Julio Chávez (HBO Latin’s Epitafios, Wall of Silence)-- awesome actor, do not miss reruns of Epitafios, brilliant writing & acting! [LaProv]
Julio Chavez

6. John Rhys Davies , he's done a lot of good film roles. I think he'd be good for the part. He could certainly play the character of Rovere.(RoyalDynasty666)
john rhys davies

7.Campbell Scott I think exudes the right amount of self-righteousness and piousness, with a dose of formidable opposition. (Urquheart)

8. John Hannah.(Megmaniac)
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki


Vannozza dei Cattanei

Who would you like to see in the role of Vannozza dei Cattanei?

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1.Polly Walker- a sexy, older woman who isn't shy about being naked on the television. She is a brilliant actress and is very charismatic. - milkofhumankindness
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

2. Angelina Jolie as much as I hate to admit or Charlize Theron [Hey, I love AJ!!!]

3.Romola Garai from 2004's Vanity Fair; she was Amelia Sedley - angelosdaughter

4. Drea de Matteo - blonde, strong-featured Italian-American actress (The Sopranos, Joey,Desperate Housewives) who looks like the portraits of Vanozza (Juliana-Angela)

5. Abbie Cornish from Elizabeth: The Golden Age (RoyalDynasty666)

6. Audrey Tautou- beautiful, good actress

7. Emily Watson (The Luzhin Defense, Punch Drunk Love, The Proposition) I'd love to see her do bold and assertive! [LaProv]
Emily Watson

8. Natalie Portman from Star Wars and The Other Boleyn Girl. She would be good for the part. (RoyalDynasty666)
Natalie Portman

8. Lindsay Duncan or Elizabeth McGovern. Need I say more? (Urquhart)


Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua

Who would you like to see in the role of Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua (Lucrezia's intimate/possibly lover)?

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1. Michael Fassbender- handsome and about same age as Francesco. He is also a brilliant actor and has great chemistry with all his onscreen love interests.-milkofhumankindness
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

2. Raoul Bova (Brooke9/7)

3. Orlando Bloom (Brooke9/7)

4. Eric Bana - He's so handsome he smolders on screen - coronation
Eric Bana

Ben Foster (Pandorum, Six Feet Under, Freaks_Geeks) Would love to see him do an historic characterization, he's a great, underrated actor who deserves a big break! Plus he looks a little like Francesco! [LaProv]
Ben Foster as Francesco

6. Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic 4, Amazing Grace) would like to see cast in "The Borgias", he's a great actor who's excellent on screen, has the looks and accent for the part. (RoyalDynasty666)
Ioan Gruffudd

7. Sergio Peris-Mencheta - He played Cesare in the Spanish-language movie Los Borgias
Sergio Peris Mencheta

Caterina Sforza, Countess of Imola, Lady of Forlì

Who would you like to see in the role of Caterina Sforza? Countess of Forli, Lady of Imola (bitter enemy of Cesare Borgia)

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1. Kerry Condon- looks similar to the real Caterina, has similar hair colour and texture, beautiful, can do an amazing English or neutralised accent, a wonderful actress who can play charming, devious and spirited. - milkofhumankindness
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

2. Isabelle Adjani (she played Queen Margot in the film "La Reine Margot," 1994) Brooke9/7

3. Penelope Cruz (Brooke9/7)

4. Paz Vega - but she already rocked the role in the film "Los Borgia." Oh well. Brooke9/7)

5.Cate Blanchett - coronation

6.Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) - likely she is too young for the role, but she is a scene stealer!
Deborah Ann Woll

7. Sophia Myles (Tristan & Isolde)- beautiful actress, she's good in dramatic films and rocked her role in "Underworld." (RoyalDynasty666)

8. Mia Kirshner (The L Word) I know her hair's the wrong colour but she's beautiful and feisty.

9. Gemma Arterton [Soraya of Naples]
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

10. Natalie Dormer. (Urquheart)

11.Natalie Dormer (Poncianito)

Albrecht Durer's sketch of a Mounted Calvaryman

Who would you like to see in the role of Alfonso of Aragon, Duke of Bisceglie (Lucrezia's handsome young second husband)?

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1. Orlando Bloom (Brooke9/7)

2. Henry Cavill (Brooke9/7)

3. Sam Barnett- there aren't that many good young actors out there, but Sam looks quite young as well as being good looking in a boyish way, he would look younger than Lucrezia anyway and is fair like Alfonso was. He is a great actor and good at creating sympathy and being likable. - milkofhumankindness
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

4. Johnathan Rhys Myers (RoyalDynasty666)

5. Michael Sheen (RoyalDynasty666)

6. Billy Crudup (Jesus’s Son, Almost Famous, Public Enemies, Waking the Dead, Pretty Bird) Is 40 the new 20s???!! Great actor...[LaProv]
Billy Crudup

7. Alex Pettyfer (stormbreaker, wild child, since Alfonso was supposed to be fair and Alex is very handsome) (azuregauze)
Alex Pettyfer

8. Matt Long (RoyalDynasty666)

9. Freddie Stroma: tall, handsome, and fair hair like Alfonso. (16thCenturynut)
Freddie Stroma

10. Douglass Booth: Handsome, young, great actor and fair like Alfonso (RoyalDynasty666)
Douglass Booth

11. I have to agree; Henry Cavill seems like a good fit to me, too.

Michelotto Corella (detail), henchman of Cesare Borgia

Who would you like to see in the role of Michelotto Corella (Cesare's Henchman)

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1. Tom Hardy- If you want a manly, tough guy who is also good looking but not a pretty boy, look no further. Tom is at risk of being typecast in these sorts of roles, but he does them best. He also kinda looks like him a bit, don't you think? - milkofhumankindness
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

2. Vincent Perez (in case they need a sexy spin on scary!) smoooch->
Vincent Perez (on left)

3. Javier de Miguel (although he's a model, he is interested in acting and he's just so sexy) (azure gauze)
Javier de Miguel

4. Jim Sturgess (good actor and handsome) RoyalDynasty666
jim sturgess

5. Ray Stevenson I just loved him as Pullo in Rome - coronation
ray stevenson as pullo

6. My choice is Christian Slater because he just has that sinister look that imagine Don Michelotto had as Pope Alexander's assassin. And Slater is a terrific but under appreciated actor. Michelotto had scars across his mouth like the Joker, so add that to Slater's scary looks and sinister voice and you've got one horrifying Don Michelotto. (posted by Don-Michelotto)

Christian Slater

7. Michael Sheen. (Urquheart)

8. Tommy Flanagan. (Megmaniac)
tommy flanagan


Sancha of Aragon and Joffre Borgia

Who would you like to see in the role of Sancha of Aragon (wife of Joffre Borgia, mistress of Juan and Cesare Borgia)

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1. Vanessa Ferlito (azuregauze)
Vanessa Ferlito

2. Keira Knightley (RoyalDynasty666)

3. Rhona Mitra (RoyalDynasty666)
Rhona Mitra

4. Natalie Dormer
natalie dormer

5. Gemma Arterton [Soraya of Naples]

The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

6.Emily Blunt The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki



Jofre Borgia
Who would you like to see in the role of Joffre Borgia (youngest of the Borgia children)?

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1. Max Baldry (he's the right age, did very well portraying Caesarion in Rome. He would be good for the part of Joffre) RoyalDynasty666
Max Baldry

2. Julian de la Celle
julian de la celle
3. Rafi Gavron: Dark, good looking like all Borgia Children (16thCenturynut)
Rafi Gavron

4. Jake T. Austin: Has handsome looks, right age, very good young actor (RoyalDynasty666)
jake t. austin

5. Lliam Powell (Numerius from Spartacus: Blood and Sand) great young actor, right age and looks like Joffre.

lliam powell
Girolamo Savonarola

Who would you like to see in the role of the monk Girolamo Savonarola ?

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1. Michael Sheen is so brilliant, he would eat this role up. Kittywake09.

2. David Tennant. (Urquheart)

3 . Alan Cummings.(Megmaniac)
ALan Cummings

Alan Rickman

Charlotte d'Albret
Who would you like to see as Charlotte d'Albret (Cesare Borgia's wife)?

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1. Kerry Condon, if they go for a fair French look. (Soraya of Naples)

2. Alexa Davalos, she's a gorgeous actress and has played many great roles prior. She'd be great for the part (RoyalDynasty666)

3. Charlotte Salt - Played Ursula Misseldon on The Tudors. (SorayaofNaples)

4. Léa Leydoux - Played princess Isabella in Robin Hood (2010)

5. Maria Valverde - I don't know why I keep seeing Charlotte as fair-haired; this actress played Lucrezia in the Spanish-language movie Los Borgias
María Valverde Picture

6. Hanna Mangan Lawrence - Last seen on Spartacus Vengeance as Seppia. She has a wonderful charisma onscreen.
The Borgias:  Dream Cast - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Who would you like to see as Maria Enriquez de Luna (Juan Borgia's wife)?

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1. Vanessa Ferlito - even though she is Italian-American, she has a great Spanish look about her and often portrays Latinas in her roles. (Soraya of Naples)

2. Penelope Cruz- She is an excellent spanish actress, very beautiful, She would be great as Maria. I can picture her and David Oakes together.

3. Gabriella Wright - She played Queen Claude on The Tudors and she could pull off a Spanish look. (SorayaofNaples)



giovanni borgia

Who would you like to see as Giovanni Borgia (Lucrezia's first son)?

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