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Video Game

Here is a game that I found on the internet. It is called "Assassin's Creed 2 and this section in the video is about the assassination of Pope Rodrigo Borgia. This YouTube video gives you some of the game to see, but it is quite graphic for violence...but what video game isn't violent.

Games In The Threads!

The following are links to games that are ongoing in the discussion forum on this site. Have a look at them and if one appeals to you...join the fun!
Hit, Miss and Shudder!
This game involves listing things that you would really like in the Rennaisance era; things that you would miss from present day: and things about Rennaisance era that make you shudder to think about.
The Borgias Top Ten List!
This game is a fun and variable one. A topic is chosen about the show or the charaters or the historical figures, and then peole create a top ten list of favorite things on that subject. Once a list of ten has been created, someone posts another list subject and the fun starts all over!
Borgias ABC's
This game is a simple but fun one. Basically people post a word or a name that is Borgia related and it is in alphabetical order. When a word or name is posted that begins with one letter, the next poster chooses a word or name beginning with the next letter in the alphabet.
What's In A Name Game?
This game involves someone choosing a full name of a Renaissance person...then using the letters that are in that person's name make as many other words as possible. Each poster can add one word at a time. After all possible words are exhausted, someone chooses another name, and the fun starts all over again!
Last Dying Words

This game involves putting the last words into a dying Borgia/Renaissance character. Lots of scope for poignant or witty, gallows humour!!
Double Take - Actors Reunited

This game involves the cast of the Borgias who have appeared together on screen or starred in the same programme or series at some time.
Borgia Character Perfume - What name would you choose?

This game involves choosing a name and fragrance for a Borgia Character.

Royal Wedding Day

Create your royal wedding guest name. Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents' names. Your surname
is the name of your first pet, then "or" followed by the name of
the street you live on.

Lucrezia's 21st Century Wedding

We enjoyed Lucrezia's wedding let us recreate her wedding in the 21st Century.

Snog, Live With, Avoid

Which of the CHARACTERS would you Snog, Live With, Avoid ?

Describe my Character

Using the letters in The Borgia CHARACTERS name describe them

Going Back in Time

Go back in time to the Borgia/Renaissance era and pick a year or event you would like to have attended or witnessed

Answer and Set A Question

Members answer a Borgia/Renaissance question and set their own

Borgia Pantomime Characters

Choose a Borgia character for a classic panto

Spoiler Game
Who Killed Juan ?*SPOILER*%20Game

Iconic Film characters
Choose a Borgia Cast member to play an Iconic Film Character

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