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Recommended Movies about the Borgias

The Borgias/Renaissance: Movies - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
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The Borgias/Renaissance: Movies - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
The Conclave
Prince of Foxes
Los Borgia
Excellent drama about the politics surrounding Rodrigo Borgia's election to the Papacy.
Prince of Foxes is a 1949 film based on the Samuel Shellabarger novel Prince of Foxes. The movie starred Tyrone Power as Orsini and Orson Welles as Cesare Borgia. The fictional storyline plays out nicely to highlight the Borgia conquest of the Romagnol barons.
Los Borgia (2006): A portrait of the Borgia family, their meteroic rise after the Conclave of 1492, focusing on the personal dramas of the Borgias themselves in a mostly accurate historical context.

The Borgias/Renaissance: Movies - THE  BORGIAS   wiki The Borgias/Renaissance: Movies - THE  BORGIAS   wiki Lucrezia Borgia Movie Poster 1953
Lucrezia Borgia Bride of Vengeance Lucrece Borgia
1935 French silent film pioneer Abel Gance directs this 1935 classic about Lucrezia Borgia, her brother, Cesare. and her father, Pope Alexander VI -- one of history's most ruthless and ambitious crime families Paulette Goddard is Lucrezia in this fistionalised account of her marriage to Alfonso D'Este. Conrad Veidt appears as Cesare with Raymond Burr as Michelotto.
1953 - In the early 16th century, Italy is ruled by the powerfulBorgia family, led by Cesare Borgia and his sister Lucrezia. In a ruthless power play, Césare plots to have his sister's husband murdered. But without her brother's knowledge, Lucreza has taken a strong lover who will challenge the Borgias.

Cesare Borgia [Untitled] [Untitled]
Cesare Borgia (aka The Black Duke) Beatrice Cenci The Nights of Lucrezia Borgia
1963 1969 1960

Lucrezia Borgia 1940 Film Poster

Lucrezia Borgia


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