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Who were the Sinners and Saints of the Borgia Family or anyone during the Renaissance period?
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The Borgias: The Sinners & Saints - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
1510 - 1572

It is with good reason that Spain and the Church venerate in St Francis Borgia a great man and a great saint. The highest nobles of Spain are proud of their descent from, or their connection with him. By his penitent and apostolic life he repaired the sins of his family the infamous Borgias and rendered glorious a name, which but for him, would have remained a source of humiliation for the Church. His feast say is celebrated 10 October.

The Borgias: The Sinners & Saints - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Pope Alexander VI
1431 - 1503

Pope Alexander VI was pope from 1492 - 1503. His is the most controversial of the secular popes of the Renaissance, and his surname became a byword for the debased standards of the papacy at that era. Originally Cardinal Borgia from Spain, Pope Alexander's claim to fame was taking over much of Italy with the help of his son Cesare, his shameless promotion of his family, and his affinity for throwing large parties, bordering on orgies, that usually culminated with little boys jumping naked out of cakes and then the Ballet of the Chestnuts, which was an orgy on a massive scale.

The Borgias: The Sinners & Saints - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
1480 - 1529

Lucrezia Borgia gained an unfairly lurid reputation, both in her own time and subsequently. The real Lucrezia was very different. Although light-hearted and rather flighty as a teenager, she matured through grief and suffering and by the time of her marriage to Alfonso I d'Este of Ferrara, she was a gracious and cultured lady.

In Ferrara, Lucrezia was celebrated for her piety and religious devotion; her concern for the welfare of her subjects; and her charity to the poor and needy. The people of Ferrara called her 'The Good Duchess'.

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