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The Borgias Promo



TCA Tour - The Borgia Cast

Vicar of Rome

Rodrigo and Cesare Plotting

House of Borgia

Rodrigo and Vanozza

Lucrezia Borgia Prepared by Chef Cat Cora

Juan Borgia Prepared by Marcus Samuelsson

Cesare Borgia Prepared by Nancy Silverton

Rodrigo Borgia Prepared by Chef Todd English

Borgias Promo

Francois Arnaud discusses his character Cesare and his role in the Borgia family.

Jeremy Irons talks about the many good things and bad things that Rodrigo Borgia did during his reign as Pope.

The Borgias Opening Credits

Wings of a Dove

Assassin Like Me

Popes Prayer

The Popes Sons: Cesare and Juan

Lucrezia: The Pope's Daughter

Policitcally Influential: Holliday Grainger

Blood Feud: David Oakes

The Truce
Behind The Scenes:
Colm Feore discusses his character "Giuliano"

Episode 1.03 - The Moor Sneak Peek

Marrying of a Daughter

NEW Borgia Promo