Two Brothers & A True Legacy

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Two Brothers & A True Legacy

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by Trisha
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This is a poem dedicated to the elder Borgia Brothers Cesare & Juan and is based on what I have seen of them on the show and my research to be some description of them not just as men but,that often the worst thing to have in your life is your path chosen because it is often as ill-fated as a path chosen by one's self.

Two brothers,
born into a changing time,
Cesare the elder and the first,
then the second born Juan,
not even beyond their childhood,
each had their future and destiny chosen for them,
one to be a prince of the church,
the second to a soldier and defender;

Cesare a man of God,
pehaps if he had chosen it,
rather it be chosen for him,
he may have been more devout and faithful,
he would have excelled in the light not the dark,
but it was the darker side not the lighter,
he was sadly ill-suited for the role,
though he longed to be a man of action,
to love and be publicly in love,
it would be only of fate,
he would get his fate,
though it would be only after many years of paitence;

Juan a soldier and noble,
a part and maybe all he would have chosen,
although there was one part that he was ill-suited,
as a soldier he failed and failed brilliantly,
as a noble he lived full and completely,
a life dedicated to pleasure and luxuries,
only to find that eventually that both,
would lead to his downfall;

Free at last of the cloth,
Cesare would see his dreams,
to fight battles and be at the center of conquest,
to marry and find love publicly without restrictions,
he would even go further,
to point where his excesses,
would earn him two prizes,
the inspiration for a great written work,
written work that endures through the ages,
the other a mask,
to hid his scars of excesses,
he would die this way as he wished;

Juan doted and preferred,
would succeed and fail,
at all he sought to have,
but it was where he sought the pleasures of nobility,
thought he would have it all beyond the imagination,
an almost perfect life,
he then turned to his greed and need for glory and possession,
would be his ultimate undoing,
the very cause of his demise,
that he could not restrain his need to chase and run;

Two brothers,
Cesare and Juan Borgia,
in the end thy achieved something,
but in truth the legacy they would leave,
would be this and unique to both,
one who despised his chosen calling,
he desired to walk away from it and,
in so achieved great glory but victim of ill excesses,
the other a success and failure,
he was doted on and preferred,
would be murdered to intolerance of his needs,
his needs for excess went too far,
as for the mystery of his murder,
the assassin is unknown,
the legacy of excess and immoral desires,
could be the short and true legacy,
of the brothers Cesare and Juan Borgia.

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