Ursula Bonadeo

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Name: Ursula Bonadeo (fictional)
Position: Mistress of Cesare, wife of Baron Bonadeo, novitiate and then nun at the Convent of St. Cecilia, caretaker/co-midwife of Lucrezia Borgia
Personality type: Romantic, beautiful, emotionally injured by Cesare's taking control of her fate (even though she asked him to).
Endearing trait(s): Changed her mind and sought to escape the wicked lifestyle of a cardinal's mistress
Strength(s): Determination to be rid of Cesare
Weakness(es): Weak towards Cesare in general
Quirks: Asked for deliverance from her husband, then when it literally happened, wished it hadn't happened the way it did

“That sounds like a riddle. Are you good at riddles, Cardinal Borgia?”

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Season One

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Ursula Bonadeo was a guest at Lucrezia Borgia's wedding to Giovanni Sforza. She first caught Cesare Borgia's eye while they danced to Un Sarao De La Chacona, and by all appearances it was love at first sight for Cesare. Unfortunately, she was married to the brutal Baron Bonadeo, who insulted his mother, Vanozza dei Cattanei (Cattaneo) during the dance. She asked for Cesare to deliver her from him, which he did by means of "murder" (though it was was more self-defense) once she let him know that the Baron was to be riding to Ostia. For three weeks they Ursula and Cesare carried on a passionate affair until the Baron's body washed up on the banks of the Tiber, upon which Ursula was stunned to realize that Cesare was responsible. Horrified, she felt responsible for her role in her husband's death and felt that nothing could compensate for it except for a lifetime of penance to God, so she joined the Convent of St. Cecilia and became Sister Martha to attempt to wash away her sins and be released from the influence of Cesare (later on, a heavily pregnant Lucrezia Borgia was entrusted to the convent and Sister Martha's care while she convalesced and then gave birth to her baby).

Unfortunately, as Cardinal Borgia was the beneficiary of the convent, he visited at will. He commissioned a ceiling fresco of St. Cecilia by Pinturicchio for the convent and forced off her veil, asking Pinturiccho to restore her hair and use her as the model for St. Cecilia. When Cesare begged for her to leave the convent for her own safety during the impending French invasion, she refused, and ended up amongst the dead and mutilated when French Scouts ravaged the convent.

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Family members: N/A

Romance(s): Cesare Borgia

Friends: Lucrezia Borgia

Enemies:Her conscience, the French Scouts

Allies:The sisters of the Convent of St. Cecilia

Baron Bonadeo

Victim(s): N/A

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  • “That sounds like a riddle. Are you good at riddles, Cardinal Borgia?” - Ursula to Cesare
  • "You have a power Cardinal Cesare Borgia - a strength, a destiny that even you don't recognise ... you can use that strength for good or for ill but I have no doubt it will be used. And the whole of Italy will be changed by it" - Sister Martha formerly Ursula Bonadeo to Cesare
  • “A woman’s beauty can be a great distraction, Lucrezia.” -Sister Martha to Lucrezia

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  • "Lucrezia's Wedding", Season 1 Episode 4 (First meeting with Cesare at Lucrezia's wedding festivities.)
  • "The French King", Season 1 Episode 5 (Cesare and Ursula make love; towards the end of the episode she joins the Convent of St. Cecilia.)
  • "Nessuno", Season 1 Episode 9 (As Sister Martha, she vows to take care of Lucrezia during her pregnancy.)
  • "The Beautiful Deception", Season 2 Episode 3 (Cesare forces off her nun's veil for Pinturicchio's ceiling fresco; her last appearance "alive".)

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