What Would Juan Do? Fan Contest

David Oakes Autographed Photo Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

Describe in your opinion "What Would Juan Do" "What Would Juan Say"
in the following photos/situations!
Would he be naughty or nice?
Would the modern day Juan be a lover or a killer?
You decide his thoughts and actions!
What do you think Juan would do and/or say in the following Borgia era and modern day situations?
What would Juan say about all this? What would Juan do?

This is a contest for chance to win an autographed photo of David Oakes aka Juan Borgia!
Add your user name along with you caption/comment. Good luck!

*all situations stated below are pure imagination and have no basis in history*

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan is stopped by a mob of Paparazzi
What Would Juan Do and say?
girlofcelje snap away I am so beautiful
iambecks1 He stops and poses and smiles. he says "Yes it is I Juan the most gorgeous man on earth!... is that a female photographer?" Looks at her and smiles and winks. He says to her "Hey sweetie!... Nice lens!"
cesareobsessed Juan says: "Capture my good side, I want the princesses of Europe to observe my likeness and swoon with desire!"
elena miron babes I perform this way...
DOfan Juan would draw his sword and try to do away with all of them with one swoosh.
Marianna... can this machine takes my beauty?I don't think..you can't copy the perfection of God!
RoyalDynasty666 Whips out his sword and simles. Says "For all the sexy ladies this one's for you" and winks.
Katherine8951 Oh, Yes, take photos of me...I know, I desires a and sexy...let all the women of the world see my beauty...
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Oh, he would pose so everyone could feel his sexiness... That's how I roll, baby!!
thefairiesrevenge Blinded by flashbulbs, Juan believes that he has seen the face of God. A changed man, Juan renounces his past, repents of his debauched ways and joins a Dominican order. The whores of Rome, now bereft of their most reliable patron, take up busking.

Litter of Kittens
Juan comes across a litter of Kittens
What Would Juan Do and say?
girlofcelje How sweet and innocent Maybe sis will play with me again if I give her kittens.
Marianna... *he takes one of them and caress the kitten*Hei listen this animal!It caterwauls like a woman under my hand!*After he makes his characteristic laugh
donna1974 After seeing the kittens without their mother Juan would chastise them for being illegitimate and proceed to drown them one by one.
iambecks1 He takes them and gives them to every girlfriend he has hoping the girls will forgive him for what ever bad he has done that day.
cesareobsessed Juan thinks: "Interesting... They lull you into a false sense of security, then - when you are close enough - they shred you with their claws... I wonder if I can make gloves with blades on the fingers?"
elena miron I hope they invent condoms soon...
DoFan What are those noises? They sound like kittens, find them and throw them in the river!
cesareobsessed "Not exactly a panther, but..."
Katherine8951 Juan angry and lack of kittens by the collar : "Oh, you creature! How dare you? I'll throw you in the sea!" But when he saw them better, he still is mitigated...: they are lovely...and helpless...can give them Giovanni?
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Oh, Juanito loves kittens... There like him: they do what they want when they want to...Grawwwwwr!!!

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan is gifted an Ipad
What Would Juan Do and say?
girlofcelje Is there an app for killing Cesare and Mikey
iambecks1 Juan would use it as a serving tray for poisoned wine.

Juan thinks: "I need to make Lucrezia prefer me to Cesare... I wonder if there is an app for that?"
elena miron I must remove the red eyes from the Davinci portrait app...
Marianna... he unloads some war games and plays like a child when there is the presentation of possible brides' pictures
Katherine8951 Juan will use the Ipad as a search engine brides, or will he look here for information on the "It's easier to just kill his brother."
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Oh, he would simply throw it by the window... What the hell is that anyway!!
thefairiesrevenge In an attempt to explain his side of the story, Juan sketches a comic of what really happened at the Siege of Forli for the Holy Father using Draw Something. The Pope is impressed, but doesn't understand this new device, and attempts to pin the drawing to the Papal fridge. It breaks. Disconsolate, Juan drowns a litter of kittens.

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan is invited to attend the
2012 London Olympics
What Would Juan Do and say?
dsr2 sticks his foot out in the 400 meter, trips the leader and finishes the race in first place.

He attends the fencing competition, but is thrown out for trying to fight the competitors..."But I was only trying to teach them the Bonetti defence, honest!"
elena miron yes!my plan to poison the maskot achieved...at last i will be the center of the feast!
Dofan Get me Smart and I'll kick some butt in the equestrian competition.
Marianna... he accepts and wins ..but ,naturally,he cheats.Then,during the interview,he dedicates his winner at every beautiful girl that saw him
Katherine8951 Juan will participate and take the victory, but he won't fair...and all will say:" I have won, I am Juan Borgia! I am the winner!"
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Sexy Juan would pay the judges!!!! And he would kick everybody's ass in the horse contests, though!!! Oh, he KNOWS how to ride a horse like nobody else... And a girl too...
iambecks1 Juan would cheat at the 100 meter race by throwing sharp pointy objects on the ground for his competitors to step on while running. After he crosses the finish line he would laugh and yell "I am the victorious one! HUZZAH!!"

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan is left in charge of the Vatican when his father is taken ill
What Would Juan Do and say?
TudorAddict007 Turn it into a 24/7 brothel and ride around on bareback horse.....naked...with his sword sticking up in the air!
iambecks1 Juan would throw huge parties all of the time with lots of wine and women.

Juan decides that he wants to be Pope himself, so he enlists Della Rovere's assistance to overthrow his father..."I can make you an offer you can't refuse...!"
elena miron juan decided that religion is too complicated and names himself the God of planet Zork....Installs a harem and enstablishes the theory that sun and earth spin around him...
Marianna... he replaces every cardinal with his whores and organizes a party every day in the name of God(but really only Bacco and Venus can approving)
Katherine8951 Juan will conduct the balls and in the evening in the company of beautiful women and the wine.
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Oh, he would change the cardinals into sexy chicks and he would turn the Vatican into a giant strip club!!! Juan's THE pimp!!!
thefairiesrevenge Juan invites his new favourite band, The Magdalene Sisters [formerly, The Whores of Rome] to play a concert for the Curia. Although their act goes down a treat, it’s ruled that a wardrobe malfunction is responsible for the sudden death of Cardinal Versucci.

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan boards a ship and visits the New World
What Would Juan Do and say?
girlofcelje I gotta blow town before Miccy gets me
iambecks1 Juan thinks to himself "I wonder how many beautiful women this New World has to offer me?"
elena miron ow no! its the kraken....phew...I must stop drinking the....Hail Hindu...hail Bollywood
DOfan I'm finally free of my nagging family, now let's have some fun!!
cesareobsessed He remembers the slaves brought from South America... "Hmmm... I wonder if there any any female natives that could bear me an heir & spare...!!!"
Katherine8951 Juan will think:"What a wonderful world...and certainly, there are not less beautiful women than in Italy...and they want no less than a handsome man, so I'm here at the time!"
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Oh, non, really??? He would probably get drunk and he would have a shipwreck... Ah, shiiiiiiiit!!
thefairiesrevenge Unfortunately, Juan mistook the sign "Seamen Wanted" for another sort of offer, and was disappointed when he discovered that there were no women aboard the ship. Unable to relieve his urges the usual way, Juan develops an inordinate fondness for goats.

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan goes to England to tutor
King Henry VII's son Prince Henry
What Would Juan Do and say?
girlofcelje Listen kid about women You gotta tell them lies .sweet little lies
alexia*victory "Now remember even if she's totally hot, you have to be really secretive about sleeping with your brothers hot wife or later it will~ What did I just say!?!"
Katherine8951 "You must be brave no matter what!"
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Let's play a love game
Play a love game
No, seriously he'd probably teach him some really bad stuff...
cesareobsessed "Ok Hal, let's see... Firstly, this is how you steal your brother's wife... this is how you use a sword to dispose of the one you no longer want..."
iambecks1 "Lesson number 1: Do not run away from a battle. Not good."

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan is set the task of finding Lucrezia and Cesare new spouses
What Would Juan Do and say?
Marianna... ahah..I'm only the Gonfaloniere..I'm not God!I need a miracle for find a woman for my brother!

Juan gives it some thought, then pronounces "Let them marry each other! Simples!"
DOfan Should I be naughty or nice? Lucrezia hates me, but she's my baby sister and Cesare, well, what can I say, always trying to upstage me. Hmmmm.
alexia*victory "Ahh....Let's see. Does Joanna the Mad of Spain need a husband?"
Katherine8951 "I won't let Lucrezia marry a poor man, such as Paolo...she needed a rich and wealthy spouse...as for Cesare, then he cardinal...and his wife is not required, may satisfy their nuns and God"
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Hoho!!! Lucrezia is MINE and Cesare, well, hum, who cares about Cesare???
iambecks1 Juan refuses to let Lucrezia marry. As for a wife for Cesare... Juan decides to test out a few of the ladies himself before choosing one of them as a wife for Cesare.

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan mets Henry VIII's second wife
Anne Boleyn
What Would Juan Do and say?
girlofcelje wanna do the main street mambo
TudorAddict007 "Me. You. We could conquer the world! Only don't get greedy & piss me off. I'm the boss, got it!"
iambecks1 Juan would say "meet me later and bring some friends with you."

Juan asks Anne "What is a lovely girl like you doing in a dull wet country like this? Come with me to Rome, I'll show you a good time that will make you lose your head!"
DOfan I can show you what a real man can do.
annaoakes ‘Imagine me and you, I do. I think about the day and night. It’s only right….. Yeah, I know, I cannot sing. I heard some gossips about you…. Are you dating the fat Henry VIII? He isn’t fat?! Later, he’s fat and ugly. And he will behead you…. That isn’t very nice… He’s a womanizer, isn’t he? I am not. I am gorgeous, the FAVORITE son of the Holiness the Pope…… Better than a king that will behead you, won’t he? I also have gorgeous body… I’ll spare your beautiful little neck. Must I sing again? Okay…. I continue the song…. To think about the girl you love, and hold her tight… SO HAPPY TOGETHER. It’s a song from the Turtles…. Don’t you know them?! Yeah, I know. They will born more than 400 years later then now. But the song is very nice….I’ll sing the refrain for you: I can see me lovin’ nobody but you… for all my LIFE! When you are with me, baby the skies will be blue, for all my LIFE!
Beautiful isn’t it? But my question is…. do you want to go out with me? No?! This is your last chance…. Okay…. You have lost a great chance to have a perfect life…’
Juan is very disappointed.
‘Why? Because there lays a naked girl in my bedroom? Okay, I must confess… I am also a womanizer. I have slept with my sister-in-law and I have had a million mistresses, but you are the next one…
Juan have be beaten.
‘Yeah, I think that I deserve that.’
Juan sings a sense:
‘Not so happy together….’
Katherine8951 "So you are, the Anne Boleyn...I'm a lot of you have heard, for example, that you're a witch...hmm...they say as well that you're clever but not beautiful...but I see in you and intelligence and beauty...but why did you chose Henry? He was so ugly, and you're so sweet...but still, I see in you and evil, thou insidious..." Juan came to Anne and took her face in his hands, then his hands started down below until it touched the chest "...and deceit of yours that you're freaking crazy" Juan passionately kisses her.
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Those two would probably have HOT sex!!! <3

What Would Juan Do?    Fan Contest - THE  BORGIAS   wiki
Juan attends the beheading
of Marie Antoinette
What Would Juan Do and say?
girlofcelje gotta blow town again
Marianna... Destroy a body like this is a sin!Can we "play" with her still a little?
elena miron -Cesare are you sure it won't grow again...what do you mean robespierre's right!!!...his an atheist too!...yes brother we will find a way to remove him..Do you believe it, yesterday he confessed me lucrezia is his daughter...the man is nuts!
dofan Juan would hold a party in the city's main square and play musical chairs around her head.
Katherine8951 I'm so sorry, that should be executed such a bold and beautiful woman...but such is life!' She's fault, and should be punished...Although, Marie can be calm...the history of it not forget!
JuanXCesareXLucrezia Juan would be on the podium for some autograph signing!!
cesareobsessed Juan watches as the guillotine removes Marie Antoinette's head, and says "I wonder if I can take one of these back to Rome with me? I would LOVE to demonstrate this on Cesare, as he loves French technology... oh did I say ON, I meant TO, of course...!!!"
flutery1 Juan faints at the sight of blood. He later returns to the Pope to proclaim(rather dramatically): "She was surrounded, on all sides. The crowd came like a flood from the forest. We rooted, long & hard. I got hit, by a squirt of blood, in the leg. We could not move, but stood there, back to back. They cried for God, for Louis, as they watched. But I fell. I lost my sensibility. And the crowd faded. When I awoke, all I could hear....were the cries of the head."
iambecks1 Juan looks around in fear that he might be next. He then tries to leave town unnoticed.

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