You Know You're Obsessed With David Oakes When....

David Oakes

You have watched TPOTE about 10 times (and counting).
You suddenly develop a fascination with Twitter. Pamela218
You spend 2 hours in the chatroom in hopes of talking to him, and then spend another 5 hours in the chatroom telling everyone that drops in about the 5 minutes he was there!
You draw him.
# annaoakes #
When first turning on laptop you go to your inbox to see if any new alerts or images!!!
+ Kittywake09 +
you see " Salisbury cathedral 6 min with narration by david oakes" many many times!
Your dream career or at least one of them involves putting on his make-up or being his assistant.
- Jrmslady09
You can't stop tweeting him, and retweeting his tweets, you buy Pillars on DVD without ever having seen it before and you keep downloading every photo you can find of him...!!! *cesareobsessed*
Your interest in theater and theatrical work begins to increase.
- Jrmslady09

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