You Know You're Obsessed With Francois Arnaud When.....

You Know You're Obsessed With Francois Arnaud When..... - THE  BORGIAS   wiki

You finally decide to take the nessecary steps to become fluent in French.
- L'Etoile
You try and fail to make a FanVid!
- Kittywake09
You'll watch an interview in French just to hear his voice.
When you watch Les Grandes Chaleurs in French just to see him in a young guy/older woman romance AND the hot shower scene but you don't understand French!
-Tudoraddict 007
He is on your screensaver a bit more than anyone else.
Leather becomes your new and favorite material to wear.
His birthday July 5th is marked on your calendar as a holiday to celebrated.
You begin to consider going to confession ... and you are not Catholic!
His websites are on your favorites list of websites.
You kick yourself for not paying closer attention in French class in High School and University. Pamela218
You learn French plus Spanish, seriously plan to move to Montreal, Quebec in Canada, and friend him on Facebook all just so you can be closer to him. ;-)
~ Artist_iyonna
You pay to have plastic surgery on your husband/boyfriend so he can have that long pointed nose and then train him to flick it at you playfully. Tomidori
You start looking for new pictures of Francois every day when you come online :)
You are really happy that you have decided to study French some years ago because now you know there is someone with whom you could really talk in French ;-)
You have set up fan pages on Facebook, you have signed up for Tumblr just to follow the Francois Arnaud Is A Pagan God page, you've got 86 photos of him on your hard drive, and another 69 (no pun intended, but woo-hoo!) photos on your phone, he's your wallpaper on your phone, and you're doing a cross stitch embroidery of him, because it's taking too long for season 2 to come back to your tv screen...!!!!! (I think I picked the right screen name...!!!) - cesareobsessed

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